About this site

NancyOnNorwwalk.com was conceived as the place to go for Norwalk residents to get the real, unvarnished story about what is going on in and around their city. NancyOnNorwalk does not intend to be a print newspaper online; rather, it exists to pull the curtain back and shine a spotlight on how Norwalk is run and what is happening regarding issues that have an impact on taxpayers’ pocketbooks and safety. As an independent site, NancyOnNorwalk’s first and only allegiance is to the reader.

About Nancy

Nancy came to Norwalk more than 2 years ago as the Norwalk reporter for the Norwalk Daily Voice and resigned in October to begin Nancy On Norwalk. She is married to a career journalist, has a son, Eric (the artist and web designer who built this website) and two middle-aged cats who are still trying to work out a peaceful co-existence.