Registered Norwalk sex offender charged in burglaries, police say

Isiah Walter Lee, 28, of 4 Oriole Drive, as shown on the Connecticut Sex Offender Archive.

Isiah Walter Lee, 28, of 4 Oriole Drive, as shown on the Connecticut Sex Offender Archive.

Updated, 10:24 p.m.

NORWALK, Conn. – More than $50,000 worth of property was recovered during the arrest of a Norwalk man Friday, Norwalk Police say. The suspect is a registered sex offender.

Police served an arrest warrant on Isaiah Walter Lee, 28, at his 4 Oriole Drive home after a lengthy investigation, the release said. He was charged with multiple counts of credit card theft, illegal use of a credit card and identification theft. Lee is being held on a combined total of $110,000 bond.

Lee is listed on the Connecticut Sex Offender Archive. He was convicted in 2002 of injury or risk of injury to or impairing morals of children, the website says.

Detectives James O’Leary, Rafael Fonseca and Mark Edwards recovered evidence at the home as additional proof of Lee’s complicity in a number of car burglaries and residential burglaries, the release said. The recovered property was worth more than $50,000, the release said.

Lee was sentenced to one year in jail in 2008 after being convicted of possession less than four ounces of marijuana, the Satet of Connecticut Judicial Branch website says.

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