Norwalk schools plan to be open Tuesday

Brien McMahon High School was far from ready for students Saturday afternoon.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk schools are trying again Tuesday and are planning, once again, to open on a normal schedule.

Administrators had announced that school would be open Monday but had to cancel school when it became apparent that many snowbound out-of-district teachers would not be able to make it in.

“It is anticipated that towns from which Norwalk educational staff travel will have cleared most roads today, allowing for a customary commute and normal operations tomorrow,” Norwalk’s director of business and marketing, Tad Diesel, said in a press release.

Norwalk schools were notified by 144 teachers, 11 administrators and 57 non-certified personnel Monday morning that they would be unable to travel to Norwalk for the work day, the release said.

Interim Superintendent Tony Daddona expressed appreciation to the workers who have cleared the way for Norwalk Schools to open. “I understand the difficulty so many of our out-of-town staff faced today, making the commute impossible,” he said in the release. “Indications are that most streets are being plowed today and so I am confident that, barring an unforeseen emergency situation, schools will be open tomorrow. The parks, public works and custodial staff worked tirelessly through the weekend to ensure our streets are safe and school buildings are accessible.”

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