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Press release: Operation Dry Water

As the July 4 holiday approaches, law enforcement will be focusing on keeping boaters safe by cracking down on... (Read more)

6 / 27 / 2017


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Rilling’s son arrested; confesses to opioid addiction

Updated, 10:30 p.m.: Information added. FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Fairfield Police Det. Stephen Rilling, the son of Norwalk Mayor Harry... (Read more)

5 / 26 / 2017


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Norwalk Police honor own

Updated, 3:20 p.m.: NPD list of honorees. NORWALK, Conn. – The fourth annual Norwalk Police Department Awards Ceremony honored... (Read more)

5 / 23 / 2017


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Norwalk Police officer absolved in car pursuit death

NORWALK, Conn. – An unnamed Norwalk Police officer has returned to full duty after being found to have acted... (Read more)

3 / 11 / 2017


Norwalk firefighter faces drug charges

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk firefighter was arrested on four warrants Thursday for selling cocaine to an undercover police... (Read more)

2 / 10 / 2017


Costanzo: Response to Sept. 27 possible NHS gunshot could have been ‘expedited’

NORWALK – It was 10:50 a.m. on a Tuesday when Norwalk Police Officer Thomas J. Kalamaras’ cellphone rang. One... (Read more)

10 / 20 / 2016


Norwalk Police officer: Simms acted ‘like a clown’

Updated 9 p.m.: Donna King comment about permit; Updated, 6:11 p.m., Saturday: Story rewritten to include Simms’ response; clarifications... (Read more)

8 / 26 / 2016


Police, mayor, religious groups to hold interfaith vigil tonight

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Police Department and its community partners in faith will be holding an Interfaith Prayer... (Read more)

8 / 3 / 2016


Norwalk Finance Department downplays the total of money owed for police extra duty details

NORWALK, Conn. — The amount of money owed to Norwalk due to unpaid-for Norwalk Police extra duty details is... (Read more)

7 / 22 / 2016


Rowdy rooftop party leads to 2 arrests on Orchard Street

Correction 10:43 a.m. Tuesday, July 12. Building partly open. NORWALK, Conn. – One day after a rooftop sniper in... (Read more)

7 / 11 / 2016


Boaters beware: Divers are working near Walk Bridge

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Police remind boaters to be aware of divers in the waters near the Walk... (Read more)

6 / 8 / 2016


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Norwalk Police honor fallen officers

NORWALK, Conn. — Respects were paid this week to Norwalk’s fallen police officers. The annual Police Memorial held Thursday... (Read more)

5 / 22 / 2016


Council: Norwalk police should be preferred over flagmen

NORWALK, Conn. — It’s a consensus between Common Council President Bruce Kimmel and the Norwalk Police Department: Flagmen are... (Read more)

5 / 21 / 2016


Norwalk Police investigating High Road child abuse allegation

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Police on Friday confirmed that they are investigating High Road School on an allegation of... (Read more)

5 / 21 / 2016


Norwalk Police get prelim OK for better bang for their bucks

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Police Department received approval Thursday night from a Common Council committee to proceed with... (Read more)

5 / 20 / 2016


Woman drives car into brook behind auto repair shop on North Ave.

NORWALK, Conn. − A 92-year-old woman sustained a facial injury Sunday afternoon after driving her car into a brook near the... (Read more)

4 / 25 / 2016


Norwalk police chief concerned by loss of asset forfeiture payments from controversial federal program

NORWALK, Conn. − The unexpected loss of shared funds received from the U.S. Department of Justice asset forfeiture program will have a... (Read more)

12 / 24 / 2015


Norwalk police file ethics complaint on Simms

NORWALK, Conn. – An ethics complaint has been filed against Common Councilman Travis Simms (D-District B) by the Norwalk... (Read more)

12 / 22 / 2015


Reilly appointed new fire chief; Dixon attends last meeting as fire commissioner

This story has been expanded from its initial publication and a video has been added. NORWALK, Conn. – The... (Read more)

12 / 16 / 2015


Norwalk Fire Department provides Christmas tree fire safety tips

Michele DeLuca is the Norwalk Fire Department’s acting emergency management director NORWALK, Conn. – As you deck the halls... (Read more)

12 / 15 / 2015


Simms’ lawyer threatens civil rights suit if arrest was retribution

NORWALK, Conn. − According to his lawyer, the reason police arrested Councilman Travis Simms last Sunday is because he’s active in... (Read more)

12 / 10 / 2015


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Norwalk Police release video of Councilman Travis Simms’ arrest Sunday

Updated at 11:30 p.m. with additional comments from police union Pres. Sgt. David Orr in a video. NORWALK, Conn. −... (Read more)

12 / 8 / 2015


Police: Councilman Simms arrested for assault; told officers ‘going to cut your guys’ budget every year’

Updated, 12 p.m, Dec. 7, comment from Mayor Harry Rilling. NORWALK, Conn. – Common Councilman and professional boxer Travis... (Read more)

12 / 7 / 2015


Norwalk hosting regionwide Active Shooter seminar Monday

Michele DeLuca is Norwalk’s acting emergency management director. NORWALK, Conn. – Almost 230 attendees are expected to attend a... (Read more)

10 / 18 / 2015


Norwalk Police endorse Rilling for second term

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling again has the backing of the Norwalk Police Department as he heads... (Read more)

9 / 18 / 2015


‘Norwalk CT Noise Complaint’: Loud music driving SoNo resident crazy

NORWALK, Conn. – A SoNo man says his rights are being infringed upon because of loud music being played... (Read more)

8 / 26 / 2015


Norwalk Police: Teen was egged in East Norwalk

NORWALK, Conn. – Four teenagers are suspected of throwing eggs at East Norwalk pedestrians, Norwalk Police Lt. Paul Resnick... (Read more)

8 / 14 / 2015


Council hopeful says he was egged, refutes GOP attempt to cast doubt

Updated, 2 a.m. Friday, correction as to quote from eggers; 9:30 p.m. not able to connect with “Rene.”4:13 p.m. Metsopoulos... (Read more)

8 / 13 / 2015


Norwalk Police kick off body camera program

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik’s reasoning for outfitting his officers with body cameras is this: “People... (Read more)

8 / 5 / 2015


Gonzalez becomes Norwalk’s first Hispanic deputy police chief

NORWALK – Lt. Ashley Gonzalez became the first Hispanic deputy chief of the Norwalk Police Department Friday afternoon during... (Read more)

7 / 11 / 2015


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