Child excels at chess; Pie&Politics, history and more

Curries employees show off the Norwalk Tires t-shirts given to them by Nathan and Gloria Dillard. (Courtesy photo.)

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk announcements:

  • Meet Norwalk’s 5-year-old chess master
  • Norwalk Tires memorabilia sought
  • League schedules Pie & Politics, on Zoom
  • Small business loan program accelerates
  • Police seek tips in cold case

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Norwalk youth sports still going strong

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After a trying year for people from all walks of life, there is a glimmer of hope that some normalcy will return this spring and summer.  Our kids all deserve a chance to get off of their computers, out of their houses and out into the sun with their friends in a fun and safe environment.  This spring is gearing up to be a fantastic season for outdoor youth sports.

Like many of us, cabin fever has hit me hard this year.  As spring approaches, I can’t help but envision a sunny day in May, setting up a lawn chair, chatting-up my fellow Norwalkers and watching a youth baseball or softball game at one of our local fields.  I, like most parents during the past year, have seen my kids deprived of many of the simple childhood activities I enjoyed in my youth and feel the strong desire for a return to a life closer to the one my family was living prior to 2020.  Our kids desperately need to get back to their routines. Continue reading Norwalk youth sports still going strong


Our perspective on the Norwalk education budget and Kydes amendment

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Every February, like clockwork, our City budgets meet in the Thunderdome in what regularly feels like a “battle for the soul” of Norwalk. The yearly ritual is ripe with build-up, posturing, editorializing, and ultimately a spreadsheet circus climaxing in the bowels of the Common Council. This piece is not designed to rehash any of that. The archaic and convoluted process by which we determine how to fund our children’s educational welfare, laced with equal parts distrust and skepticism, political charades and groupthink, seems as old and cyclical as time. And this is coming from two Norwalkers who have both lived here only under a decade. Even us relative newbies are exhausted.

It’s important we preface by noting we are both Democrats. But, we are not boilerplate party infantry. We, like many of our fellow citizens, demand a system rooted in logic, rational forethought, and transparent data. While we believe that politics will always be a dirty business, we also believe that everyone, regardless of party or creed, must be rowing in the same direction: to improve the lives of the constituents they represent. The ideas and priorities may be different, but the integrity and values by which they are devised cannot. Continue reading Our perspective on the Norwalk education budget and Kydes amendment


Alleged assault victim claims arrested Norwalk Council member ‘stalked’ her

A Norwalk Police officer handcuffs Common Council member Kadeem Roberts (D-District A), Dec. 20 on Hudson Street. The image is from body cam video.

NORWALK, Conn. — A woman who has accused Common Council member Kadeem Roberts of assault also alleged that he was her ex-boyfriend and was stalking her.

Roberts was arrested Dec. 20 and charged with Assault in the Third Degree, Disorderly Conduct, and Interfering with a 911 call. NancyOnNorwalk obtained his arrest report Tuesday through a Freedom of Information Act request. NoN also has body cam video of the arrest; it was received through an FOI request in mid-January. Continue reading Alleged assault victim claims arrested Norwalk Council member ‘stalked’ her


Norwalk Recs & Parks employee arrested, charged with forgery

William Howard, 70. (Norwalk Police)

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk Police have arrested a Norwalk Recreation and Parks Department employee and charged him with 32 counts of Forgery in the Second Degree.

William Howard, 70, of 29 Bonnybrook Road, was a seasonal employee with the City who had no access to City accounts or funds, a press release said. The alleged forgeries concern “submitted vendor bids.” His arrest stems from an investigation requested by the Recreation and Parks Department. Continue reading Norwalk Recs & Parks employee arrested, charged with forgery


Approved city budget will require tough choices for NPS

This week, the Common Council voted 10-5 to approve a budget cap for the 2021-22 city-wide budget that was $1 million less than the budget recommended by the City of Norwalk’s chief financial officer. The school budget recommended by the City was already $5 million less than the Board of Education requested.

We are extremely disappointed in this decision, which will significantly impact school funding for next year. It does clearly send a signal to the residents of Norwalk.NPS employees know as well as anyone that Covid has created many struggles this year. Everyone in our school system has been working around the clock since March 13 to keep children in school, teach students remotely, ensure families have access to meals, conduct contact tracing, clean and sanitize buildings, support mental health needs, and so much more.  We are grateful for their tireless work and dedication to children.

However, with Tuesday’s vote, we will now need to move ahead to start making the tough choices that this budget will require. Continue reading Approved city budget will require tough choices for NPS


Support NancyOnNorwalk this Giving Day

Dear Readers,

Today is Giving Day, the annual fundraiser for local nonprofits, supported by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.

You will be hearing from many community organizations – including us – asking for donations. We all appreciate any support you can give. Whether it’s $1 or $10,000 – every gift truly makes a difference. Continue reading Support NancyOnNorwalk this Giving Day


Norwalk’s finance-types investigate steep price hike on ‘weird’ charge

A Commerce Street fire hydrant.

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk leaders minding the City’s budgetary Ps and Qs have a new item on their minds: a 240% increase in fire hydrant “rental fees.”

A request for a $71,278 budget transfer to cover a hydrant rental fee recently had Board of Estimate and Taxation Chairman Ed Camacho objecting to “being held hostage” by the water company. And the $71,278 wasn’t the full amount required to cover the charge, it was just the difference between what the Norwalk Fire Department had in its account and what was owed to South Norwalk Electric and Water (SNEW) for the hydrant usage. Continue reading Norwalk’s finance-types investigate steep price hike on ‘weird’ charge


COVID-19: Memorial observance on Monday

A chart from Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling’s Wednesday COVID-19 update.

Updated, 6:10 p.m.: Additional comment from Mayor Harry Rilling.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk will be observing COVID-19 Memorial Day on Monday, Mayor Harry Rilling said. It will become a yearly event, every March 1.

This news comes as Norwalk has lost another two citizens to the coronavirus. According to Rilling’s Wednesday update, Norwalk’s death total is 207; one of the newly reported deaths was a person who was 80 years old, bringing the total for that age group to 100. The other victim was in his or her 60s. Continue reading COVID-19: Memorial observance on Monday


Norwalk needs a Police Civilian Review Board

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On Tuesday, Jan. 26th, NancyOnNorwalk published an article, Duff slams Kulhawik after NPD releases investigation results. Two issues concern me: the internal police investigation and the Mayor’s non-response.

Because this incident resulted in an internal investigation, we still do not, and likely will never, know the truth. While many are attempting to present their judgements as facts –depending on who they support – we don’t have all the facts because of the nature and lack of transparency of internal investigations. What if I am charged with a crime? If so, I will investigate myself. If I determine that I should be brought to trial, I will ensure that the judge is my mother and the jury is comprised of my relatives and closest friends. Ludicrous right? Sure, but not a big stretch from how alleged police infractions are currently investigated and settled internally, behind closed doors.  What is there to hide? Continue reading Norwalk needs a Police Civilian Review Board


Norwalk Council sets budget cap

Tuesday’s Norwalk Common Council meeting on Zoom.

NORWALK, Conn. — Cries of “painful cuts” for Norwalk’s school system are sure to intensify with Tuesday’s Common Council decision: members voted 10-5 to set a budget cap that is $1 million lower than the controversial recommendation made by the City’s finance chief.

“I think I speak for more than a few of us when I say that this was by far one of the most challenging budgets that we had to face in recent years, if not ever. We had to weigh the normal issues of the city that we were very familiar with but also account for many of the unknowns driven by COVID,” Council President Nick Sacchinelli (D-At Large) said.

“I know we say that every year, how difficult this is. This one that seems worse than then we’ve had in the past,” Council member Tom Livingston (D-District E) said. He, like others, mentioned “federal stimulus funds” and said, “Let’s see what they get. And if they don’t get enough, have them come back.” Continue reading Norwalk Council sets budget cap


Rilling makes official reelection bid annoucement

Mayor Harry Rilling speaks to Norwalk Democrats in 2017. (File photo)

NORWALK, Conn. – The Rilling reelection campaign released a major announcement Tuesday, hours before an important and controversial Common Council vote.

“Norwalk Mayor Harry W. Rilling announced today that he plans to seek a fifth term as Mayor. Mayor Rilling was first elected to office in 2013, and under his leadership, Norwalk has grown its tax base, revitalized its downtowns, and elevated its public schools into the state’s top performing city district,” the press release said.

Rilling’s reelection bid is no surprise to NancyOnNorwalk readers but the press release detailed “five overarching priorities” for the Democrat who has fought off contentious challenges from an unaffiliated activist in the last two election cycles. It also included endorsements from U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-Greenwich). Continue reading Rilling makes official reelection bid annoucement


Norwalk looks to roundabouts, restores beach intersection to prior plan

A Norwalk Police officer stationed at the Gregory Boulevard intersection with Marvin and Fifth Streets, in August.

NORWALK, Conn. — Roundabouts may be coming to Norwalk and a “confusing” change made quietly by the Department of Transportation, Mobility, and Parking near the beach is being reversed.

The Norwalk Traffic Authority voted Monday to remove yield signs installed at Gregory Boulevard intersection with Fifth Street installed by TMP in November. Mayor Harry Rilling said removing them was a recommendation made by newly hired Director of Transportation, Mobility, and Parking James Travers. Continue reading Norwalk looks to roundabouts, restores beach intersection to prior plan