12 Days of Photos: December 2019

NORWALK, Conn. – For this year’s holiday season, we thought we’d do a retrospective via photographs. Here are shots taken in December.

The SoNo Collection, taken by John Levin on Dec. 28. Levin says he entered through an unlocked door and walked through multiple cavernous spaces like this, on the ground floor of the mall. (John Levin)

A view from Mill Hill, Dec. 5. The Old City Lockup has been made handicapped accessible and its exterior spruced up.
The former Treasure House, now owned by real estate broker Jason Milligan; Isaacs Street, Dec. 16. Note the Lisa for Norwalk banner in the rubble.
Georgey’s barbershop, fixed up like new after being damaged in a flood due to a broken sprinkler pipe in a Milligan demolition, Dec. 19 on Wall Street.
New mural, Wall Street and Commerce Street, Dec. 19.
Detail of a mural on the side of the Fairfield County Bank, Dec. 9.
View from Oyster Shell Park, Dec. 15.
The SoNo Collection, Dec. 15.
Wall Street, Dec. 5.
Repair on Wall Street, Dec. 22. (Contributed)
The former Treasure House, Isaacs Street, Dec. 27.
The entrance of the parking lot at the Isaacs Street dead end, owned by Milligan, with the barricade removed to allow cars to go through to Leonard Street, Dec. 27. “I temporarily opened access after receiving several requests from friendly area business owners,” Milligan wrote Monday.
Leonard Street, Dec. 27.
Norwalk Public Library, Dec. 26.
The SoNo Collection on Dec. 26.
The SoNo Collection on Dec. 26. Artee Home is open.
Leonard Street lot, Dec. 28.
A Christmas tree atop the Residence Inn by Marriott, visible for miles; seen Dec. 29 from South Main Street.
Seaweed at Calf Pasture Beach, Dec. 29. (Claire Schoen.)


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