12 Days of Photos: March 2019

NORWALK, Conn. – For this year’s holiday season, we thought we’d do a retrospective via photographs. Here are shots taken in March.

A Leonard Street business, March 27.
A Board of Education meeting, March 25.
A Board of Education meeting, March 20.
Work on West Avenue, March 11.
Calf Pasture Beach, March 9.
City Hall third floor, March 26.
50 Washington St., March 10.


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  1. Sherelle Harris

    I always love the pictures of nature, especially the Sound and the ocean. They are so inspiring and uplifting! The seagulls on snow with the ocean in the background was a wonderful one to capture. Did they not migrate? I also love the shots of the full moons. I grew up in a place that had a lovely blanket of stars in the night sky, but they and the moon were so far away. I have never seen full moons so wonderful as in Norwalk. They are so up close and splendid that it seems one could travel there in no time. That was one of the first things I noticed about Norwalk at night. It made we want to take a look at our exact position on earth as we rotate and revolve around the sun.

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