2013 Top 12 countdown: A bird in the hand is, well, just vulgar

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Norwalk commercial real estate mogul Bob Virgulak’s lack of appreciation for the NancyOnNorwalk spotlight shown on his past resulted in a very memorable moment in September.

NORWALK, Conn. – Today we begin our Top 12 countdown – the 12 stories that drew the most page views on this site in in 2013. We were going to do a Top 10, but, well, I’ve been watching a lot – too many, perhaps – of TV singing contests, and they all seem to do that Top 12 thing. So, well, why not?

Each day, through New Year’s Day, we will rehash one of our most popular stories, along with any updates, with a link to the original story. We will present them in reverse order, starting with the 12th most popular, and working our way to No. 1.

Throughout the holiday season, as official action slows to a crawl, we also will be taking a look back at what we feel were the biggest Norwalk government, school and social service stories of the year, and we’ll take a look ahead at what 2014 may bring.

The 12th best-read NancyOnNorwalk story in 2013 was: Opinion: Bird flies in face of plea for civility, appearing Sept. 28.

People tend to react to reporters in a lot of ways. Those who are not part of a story, and who happen to like the stories, are usually quite friendly and pleased to say hello. Those who disagree, or who have been part of an unflattering report, tend to scowl, walk the other way, or give you a piece of his or her mind.

And then there’s former Oak Hills Park Authority Chairman Bob Virgulak.

Virgulak is, despite his age (in his 70’s), an imposing figure, especially to a much smaller middle-aged woman. So, when Nancy Chapman had an inadvertent encounter outside MacIt at 8 Main Street near Wall Street in September, she was a bit startled at his angry demeanor. Seems Virgulak, who was still leading the OHPA at the time, was unhappy that NancyOnNorwalk had mentioned an old court case involving Virgulak, a taxing district, missing money and a conviction. He let her know that he was not happy, and that he would not be giving her any information – or its scatological equivalent – and that he would be telling the OHPA members to, likewise withhold information. Funny, she thought, “I was just here for the macaroni.”

Then, less than two weeks later, on Sept. 24, there was another encounter, this one at a City Hall elevator, and it involved more angry words accompanied by some rather basic sign language – you know, elementary digital signage.

Check out the resultant opinion column by clicking here.


2 responses to “2013 Top 12 countdown: A bird in the hand is, well, just vulgar”

  1. Oldtimer

    Didn’t his term expire ? All that needs to happen is to appoint somebody to replace him. Moccia had him serving beyond the end of his term until a replacement was named.
    A certain level of courtesy dealing with people, including reporters, will be a prerequisite for any appointment by Mayor Rilling.

  2. Lifelong Teacher

    That will be refreshing, and I think Rilling will follow through on this.

    Moccia didn’t have it himself. He was often nasty and sarcastic.

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