2013 Top 12 Countdown: BOE, educators battle over curriculum choice

NORWALK, Conn. – Today we bring you the seventh story in our Top 12 countdown – the 12 stories that drew the most page views on this site in in 2013.

Each day, through New Year’s Day, we will rehash one of our most popular stories, along with any updates, with a link to the original story. We will present them in reverse order; we began Saturday, Dec. 21, the 12th most popular, and will work our way to No. 1.

Throughout the holiday season, as official action slows to a crawl, we also will be taking a look back at what we feel were the biggest Norwalk government, school and social service stories of the year, and we’ll take a look ahead at what 2014 may bring.

Our sixth-most-read story of 2013 ran July 15. It detailed a heated debate between members of the Norwalk Board of Education and a group of educators – teachers and administrators – over curriculum choice. While some members of the BOE favored the Core Knowledge Language Arts programs, the educators were strongly opposed and recommended two other choices.

Read the original story by clicking on the headline: “Norwalk Board of Ed, teachers spar over all-important curriculum choice.”

Ultimately, the decision was postponed as Superintendent of Schools Manny Rivera said more study time was needed.



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    AND……We continue to await a decision. The clock is ticking!

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