Councilman Simms in court on assault charge

Councilman Travis Simms

Councilman Travis Simms

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NORWALK, Conn. − Councilman Travis L. Simms (D-District B)  made his first court appearance Friday since being charged on Dec. 6 with misdemeanor assault following an alleged altercation at a birthday party.

Simms appearance before Judge Alex V. Hernandez in state Superior Court in Norwalk lasted less than a minute, with no plea entered.

His attorney, Stephan E. Seeger, told the judge he had yet to receive all of the video police recorded at a residence at 297 Flax Hill Road on a reported disturbance, where Simms was arrested. Seeger also said he had just received copies of all the reports officers prepared about the incident.

Simms’ case was continued to Jan. 7.

Afterwards, Seeger repeated to reporters concerns he’s expressed previously about whether Simms was treated fairly by the police, saying his client has a “history” with the Norwalk Police Department. He said officers at the scene seemed to be “focused” on Simms.

Simms, 44, was issued a summons at the scene charging him with third-degree assault. The man whose birthday was being celebrated, 24-year-old Franklin C. Eaton III, was arrested later on the same charge.

Police told Eaton at the scene that, because he appeared intoxicated, he should come to police headquarters the next day to give a statement. Seeger questioned whether police should have considered Eaton a competent witness on whom to base Simms’ arrest if he was “too drunk” to speak to them on the night of the incident.

He said he has “out of town” investigators examining the circumstances of the case.

According to media reports, this is the fourth time Norwalk Police have arrested Simms. State judicial records indicate he has no convictions.

Simms is a lifelong Norwalk resident and professional boxer, a former World Boxing Association super middleweight champion.

This video shows Simm’s court appearance:

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