From the Editor: We need your support

Time -- and funding -- is running out for NoN. We need your support!

Time i\– and funding — is running out for NoN. We need your support!

NORWALK, Conn. – Last September, NancyOnNorwalk undertook an ambitious and, some (including us) might say, desperate three-month fundraising drive. The goal: $4,000 in voluntary monthly subscriptions. We were told we were setting the bar too low, because two adults living and working fulltime in Norwalk need more than that to live.

We agreed, but were realistic – we thought. With an average of 8,000 people (not unique visits, but people) coming to NoN every month, we knew that if even 2,000 signed up for $5 a month, we would exceed the goal by a lot; even just 1,000 – one eighth of our readers – signed up for the recurring monthly donation, it would be enough to survive.

We set a November 30 deadline, after which, should we fail to reach the goal, we would likely cease operations.

Long story short: We did not make the goal – we fell short by about 50 percent – but got enough one-time donations to go with the subscriptions to continue for a few months while we continued to build.

Today, due to attrition and lack of response, we have less than $2,000 a month to cover site expenses and compensation.

We are approaching that time when a decision must be made. Other factors have combined to turn what was a very difficult situation an urgent one.

Please, if you want NoN to remain a part of your life and you have not joined your friends and neighbors who have lent their support, go to the site, find the “Donate today!” box on the right side near the top of the page and make a sustaining voluntary monthly subscription today. Whether it’s for $5, $15, $30, $100, or any other amount large or small, it all adds up. Alternatively, donations by check may be sent to Nancy on Norwalk, P.O. Box 525, Norwalk, CT 06852.

Thank you.


Peter I Berman June 5, 2016 at 9:45 pm

Nancy’s deserves the continuing financial support of every Norwalk resident who cares about our City and State governance. They are a truly unique resource.

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