Norwalk schools fixing up Norwalk High pool, parking lots

Norwalk Public Schools Chief Financial Officer Thomas Hamilton chats with the Board of Education Facilities and Planning Committee recently in City Hall.

Norwalk Public Schools Chief Financial Officer Thomas Hamilton chats with the Board of Education Facilities and Planning Committee recently in City Hall.

NORWALK, Conn. – Repairs expected at Norwalk Public Schools include work on the pool at Norwalk High and paving at Marvin and Columbus Elementary Schools.

Fox Run’s parking lot is also expected to have some paving work done and there might even be paving in the Norwalk High lot.

All of this was decided at the recent Board of Education Facilities Committee meeting, where replacement of the West Rocks Middle School windows was also advanced.

The windows have been talked about for some time; Silver Petrucelli & Associates engineers said in January that the caulking was so bad on the windows that they might fall out.

Therefore, rather than wait for the proposed “renovate as new” project for the school several years down the road, the Board of Education is looking to replace the windows in 2017. A vote will be taken at Tuesday’s BoE meeting regarding  applying for state reimbursement of a percentage of the $1 million project approved as part of this year’s capital budget.

The state would reimburse Norwalk for 30 percent, so the grant would bring in $300,000, Chief Financial Officer Thomas Hamilton said at the May 25 Committee meeting.

The work on the Norwalk High pool is expected to begin as soon as the school year ends, although bids had not gone out yet, it was said at the meeting.

“There is a walkway along the west side of pool that is deteriorating. It’s been shored up for many years and it must be replaced and repaired,” said NPS Director of Facilities Bill Hodel.

The problem area is 12 feet by 24 feet, he said.

“You can go under there and see exposed re-bar and corrosion from concrete,” Hodel said. “… It’s been this way for too long. Right now, it’s actually cordoned off, that section, yet the full use of the pool, the diving platform and the diving board are in use. You just have to walk a little closely along the water’s edge.”

The $150,000 repair is being paid for out of state funding recently trumpeted by State Sen. Bob Duff (D-25). The Board would vote to authorize up to $150,000 of spending, Committee Chairman Mike Barbis said.

“The integrity of the pool is OK, it’s just the walkway around it,” Hodel said.

The idea is to get it done before school resumes in August, he said.

A complete repaving at Marvin Elementary is being done in conjunction with the city’s repaving of Calf Pasture Beach Road, he said. Marvin “hasn’t been done in probably 40 years,” and has “serious deterioration,” he said.

The Columbus Elementary School parking lot will be repaved, even though the school is on the list for possible renovation as new. The lot is in terrible condition and is small, therefore inexpensive, Hamilton said.

“Frankly, all the lots need to be done, but that one is particularly bad,” Hamilton said.

Hodel said there would be work on the Fox Run parking lot at the end of the summer, particularly the driveway.

One of the lots at Norwalk High would be done, “if we can fit it in,” Hodel said.

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Dawn June 6, 2016 at 7:37 pm

Can we get the lights to go on in the evening st Brookdide. In the fall and winter it is so dark it is scary in the evening. As mostly women work in the building and for all the moms it can be very scary. Right now you will not notice bit later in the year you will.

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