Day 2 of Holiday Clickbait: We need a Norwalker with feathers

How does this stuff happen to me?

So? You never came upon a scene like this?

NORWALK, Conn. — You won’t believe what I found in Brooklyn, folks.

And there’s a video, too.
All I did was walk out of a corner store in Bedford Stuyvesant and there was this guy on stilts, adorned in feathers and lit up; and it was well past Halloween.

Same corner of Bed-Stuy.

Same corner of Bed-Stuy.

(Little digression here: it’s the same corner store that got some attention months back for selling a Trump sandwich.  Full of baloney, Russian dressing, American cheese, white bread and a little pickle….)

The feather guy had a companion, a woman with a similarly outstanding coat. He was encouraging some (normally dressed) guy to take his video – that’s the point of walking around Brooklyn on a cold Friday night, to have people shoot a video that might go viral, he said.

So I pulled my phone out ASAP and got my own shot. Let’s see if we can help the guy – whoever he is – get some attention.

Bait. Click.

Can we get someone in Norwalk to parade around like this?

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