CTNJ/Opinion: It’s not perfect, but Affordable Housing Appeals Act works

Gary Winfield is a state Senator from New Haven and West Haven.

It is effective, enduring, and revenue neutral. It has already helped thousands of Connecticut families and has the potential to help half a million more households currently spending too much for housing. Equally important, it positions the state for future economic growth and stability.

Yet the Affordable Housing Appeals Act unsympathetically referred to by its statutory designation (Section) “8-30g,” is derided by critics as an intrusion on the sovereignty of Connecticut’s municipalities.

What’s true?

Frankly, all of it.

Read the full story at CT News Junkie.

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Non partisan January 29, 2017 at 7:44 pm

I’m not debating the virtues of affordable housing – they are wonderful things especially if you score a unit- but revenue neutral???

How can that be?

All buildings pay real estate taxes based on what they are worth. What they are worth is a function of rental income.

If rent income is suppressed- the building is worth less and pays less in real estate taxes vs 100% market rate and consequently pays less in re taxes. Who makes up the difference- market rate and home owners.

So please- let’s say they are good/ but let’s not lie about them being revenue neutral.

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