CTNJ/Opinion: Murphy’s effort to fund journalism doomed to fail

Terry Cowgill

Terry Cowgill

Skilled politicians are great at picking their battles. Sometimes on matters of importance they’re nowhere to be found. But on more obscure or relatively trivial issues, they’re all over it.

It’s one of the reasons Sen. Richard Blumenthal was so successful in remaining as state attorney general for 20 years. He focused mostly on consumer issues — stuff that his constituents were likely to chatter about around the kitchen table. Presiding over what was essentially the state’s biggest law firm, Blumenthal sued everyone in sight, including a lot of bad guys. Consequently, he was elected and re-elected five times before succeeding Chris Dodd in the Senate.

Now the junior senator from Connecticut is taking after his colleague. As I’ve noted before on these pages, Chris Murphy is carving out an area of expertise in foreign affairs that will come in handy if he decides to run for national office. But he’s also taken on issues that appeal to his fellow blue-staters: gun control following the Sandy Hook massacre; strengthening so-called “Buy American” laws; “inappropriate” video games; and even staging a near-record-breaking filibuster on gun control in the wake of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Now Murphy has seized on an issue that’s on lots of people’s minds in his home state: fake news. No, not the kind of bogus news stories put out for domestic consumption that plagued the hideous presidential campaign of 2016. Murphy has acknowledged that for obvious reasons there’s not much the federal government can do about that.

Read the full story at CT News Junkie.

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