Opinion: Reckless repeal of ACA risks lives for no benefit

Sarah Darer Littman

Sarah Darer Littman

Sarah Darer Littman is an award-winning columnist and novelist of books for teens. A former securities analyst, she’s now an adjunct in the MFA program at WCSU (and as such is an AAUP member), and enjoys helping young people discover the power of finding their voice as an instructor at the Writopia Lab.

Congressional Republicans are falling over themselves to repeal the Affordable Care Act with Scrooge-like joy. It’s as if ideology is more important to them than the fact that hardworking, self-employed taxpayers like my husband and myself could be denied health insurance.

“We’ve got to repeal and replace Obamacare because that is really hurting families,” House Speaker Paul Ryan told 60 Minutes early in December.

“We will move right after the first of the year on an Obamacare repeal resolution,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a news conference December 12.

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Sue Haynie January 2, 2017 at 6:52 am

We’re on the ‘individual market’, small business owners and I totally disagree with Littman. Thanks to Obamacare, I have never felt so ‘healthcare venerable’ in my life.

Paying $3,200/month (yes, a month) for insurance that still has a 20% co-pay, $12,000 deductible, $5,000 deductible for prescription….What isn’t covered is a whole other story.

Obamacare is broken, nothing to do with politics. It’s a ill-conceived, poorly designed law. Repeal it and replace it with something that actually works.

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