Nancy is sick

Hi, it’s Eric.


As you may know from a recent column, my mother, Nancy, has been sick lately. Last night things came to a head and I found a message waiting for me on my phone this morning saying she was in the hospital. I’ll let her fill in the details if and when she chooses, but I will say that she had a procedure today and is recovering. I don’t have much in the way of details since that procedure ended.

(Update: The doctors say it went well and she’ll likely be sent home tomorrow)

Because Nancy is the chief content producer for this website, and often the only content producer, things will probably be quiet for a few days. I’m confident that she’ll be back as soon as she’s able, most likely early next week.

She also mentioned in that column that because of some general bureaucratic dumbassed-ness (I’m not a journalist) this has happened in a moment where she, through no fault of her own, has no health insurance. In short, they wouldn’t let her sign up for insurance after Mark (her husband and my father) died, because he was dead and she was listed as a dependant or something ridiculous like that. They made her wait for months in limbo, promised calls that never came and so forth. She was able to sign up recently, but that insurance is effective May 1st.

If you’re thinking there’s a fight coming about that, I agree with you. In the meantime, if you can help, please use the helpful (and fixed, I hope) donation widget here to give what you can.


Thank you for reading and let’s all wish Mom a speedy recovery.



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Kathy Gallagher April 13, 2017 at 6:05 pm

Eric, I’m very that she is sick. Just sent in my donation. We appreciate her so much.

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