CTNJ/Opinion: Can Connecticut reinvent itself?

Terry Cowgill

Terry Cowgill lives in Lakeville, blogs at ctdevilsadvocate.com and is managing editor of The Berkshire Edge in Great Barrington, Mass.

Poor Connecticut. Because of our modest size and our quirky geography, we’ve long had an inferiority complex. Sandwiched in between two of the most vibrant metropolitan areas in the world, we’ve never really been able to figure out what we are.

We market ourselves as a state with easy access to both New York and Boston. Once upon a time, that was an asset. Now it seems more like a liability. While we have some decent cities, they tend to be poor places whose limited glory has ebbed along with New England’s manufacturing era.

Whereas once it was an attractive quality to be close to the two big cities, that proximity is also an easy lure for young people who grew up in Connecticut and are seeking greener pastures but want to stay relatively close to home in order to visit with family and the like.

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