CTNJ/Opinion: Fundraising race gives us our first glimpse of 2018 field

Susan Bigelow

Susan Bigelow, the founder of CTLocalPolitics, lives in Enfield with her wife and their cats.

Politics right now is so grim that looking ahead to an election that won’t happen for 15 months is oddly soothing and hopeful — for the most part. So let’s take a look at the still-forming field for 2018’s wide open race for governor, and dream of the possibility of change.

Quarterly campaign finance reports were due at the beginning of July, and gave us our first real look at fundraising totals. This is both important and trivial. While money certainly doesn’t translate into votes, and early money can certainly fizzle and vice-versa, how candidates are doing with fundraising does give us a vague idea of who might break out of what has become a very large pack.

A quick word of explanation: the money that’s being raised is mostly going toward qualifying for a Citizens’ Election Program grant. Candidates need to raise $250,000, of which $225,000 must come from Connecticut residents.

On to the numbers! Several candidates who I’d expect to do well are, in fact, pulling in decent chunks of change and are well on their way toward qualifying for public financing.

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