Rotary Club jumpstarts Norwalk River Valley Trail in Ridgefield

Robert Herber, president of the Rotary Club of Ridgefield; Charlie Taney, Executive Director of the NRVT; Joel Third, Vice President of the Rotary Club of Ridgefield. Pictured at the Keeler Tavern garden. (Photo: Norwalk River Valley Trail)

This is a press release:

The Rotary Club of Ridgefield donated the first $1,000 towards the $20,000 Trail Plan for the Norwalk River Valley Trail’s initial section in Ridgefield, dubbed the Ridgefield Ramble.

The Ridgefield Ramble will be a two-mile section of the NRVT running north from the intersection of Simpaug Turnpike and Rt. 7, to Bobby’s Court on the Ridgefield/Redding line.  This section offers beautiful vistas along the Norwalk River, a combination of State and Conservation property allowing construction of the NRVT.

Immediately following the Rotary Club’s donation, another $5,500 was quickly donated from families and businesses towards the cost of the Trail Plan for the Ridgefield Ramble.   Charlie Taney, Executive Director of the NRVT said, “We’re already one-third of the way towards our $20,000 goal for the Trail Plan.  It’s great to see the enthusiasm for the NRVT here in Ridgefield.”  Robert Herber, President of the Rotary Club said, “The Rotary Club is delighted to invest projects like the NRVT that have such positive impact on the Ridgefield community”.

Anyone interested in donating towards the Trail Plan for the Ridgefield Ramble can reach Charlie Taney at [email protected]

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