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Norwalk, CT  – Mayor Rilling and his economic development director have teamed up with Contagious Media of Newtown to offer a FREE workshop for businesses.  The workshop will walk participants through the various Google tools and will help owners get their businesses online so that customers can find them on Google Search and Maps.  

The August 24, 2017 workshop will teach the basics of how customers find businesses online and how businesses can promote their online presence with methods like search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising. Mayor Rilling noted that “The workshop is a great opportunity for small business owners to take advantage of the free tools available to them that will help their customers find them online. I am supportive of small businesses who drive our economy and encourage business owners to utilize the latest technology available to them.”

The two hour workshop will also introduce tools to help run a business online, including Google Analytics and Google Apps for Work. Guest speaker Scottio Wilson, is a Google Street View Trusted Developer and Google Local Guide. He will demonstrate the steps it takes to get a business noticed on the Google Search.

This event is for small businesses everywhere. 97% of consumers look online for local goods and services across their Mobile, Tablet or Desktop device.

The workshop will also show individuals how to create a free business listing on Google, how to optimize a website for mobile, and how to advertise online.

Business owners will be walked through the steps to verify their business during this workshop. Owners must show their utility bill, tax letter, or business registration certificate to be eligible for Instant Verification. The document must be original (not a copy) and it must include the business name and address.

Workshop Details:

Thursday, August 24th, 6-8 pm

Norwalk Public Library

1 Belden Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06850


Register Here     http://www.recircle.us/verifying-your-ct-business-with-google/


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