News Junkie Opinion: CCM initiatives reflect municipal leaders’ commitment to collectivity

Joe DeLong

Joe DeLong is the Executive Director of CCM, which is Connecticut’s largest nonpartisan, statewide association of towns and cities, representing 158 member municipalities.

Something remarkable happened last fall in a crowded conference room in Meriden. Municipal leaders from across the state gathered to discuss community-based economic growth with reform from the General Assembly. The committee, on the heels of a discussion point, were taking a short break when Leo Paul, First Selectman of Litchfield, began to speak.

Paul pledged his support to the collective work of the group, despite the conversation having little to do with his own community. As Paul’s comment trailed off, the Chairman silenced sidebar discussions to move the agenda forward — but before the committee had a chance to regroup, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin stepped forward with an objection. Bronin expressed that since Litchfield could garner no benefit from the prior discussion, it was not resolved and the committee could not move forward. For Bronin, true resolution required an increased impact on the town of Litchfield — a testament to municipal leaders’ commitment to collectivity.

To call this exchange “remarkable” might seem like an overstatement. With its small geographic size, Connecticut is extremely economically interdependent. Working together for the greater good is a crucial concept that municipal leaders from diverse communities not only grasp, but embrace in open quorums.

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