Norwalk major party candidates for office

Correction, Sept. 15: Frederick Fusci.

NORWALK, Conn. – For a bit of election news this Wednesday we offer you the full slate of candidates who were endorsed by the major parties in late July.

This includes the offices that have been described as superfluous, which would have been eliminated if the public had voted yes on charter revision question two last fall – city treasurer, selectman and city sheriff. Also included are the taxing district candidates.


Democratic-endorsed candidates:

  • Mayor: Harry Rilling (incumbent)
  • Town Clerk: Rick McQuaid (incumbent)
  • City Sheriff: Bobby Burgess (incumbent)
  • City Treasurer: Joe Tamburri (incumbent)
  • Selectman: Andy Garfunkel (incumbent)
  • Selectman: Samuel Pride
  • Common Council at large: Greg Burnett
  • Common Council at large: Michael Corsello (incumbent)
  • Common Council at large: Nick Sacchinelli (incumbent)
  • Common Council at large: Barbara Smyth
  • Common Council at large: Doug Stern
  • Council District A: Eloisa Melendez (incumbent)
  • Council District A: Chris Yerinides
  • Council District B: Travis Simms (incumbent)
  • Council District B: Faye Bowman (incumbent)
  • Council District C: John Kydes (incumbent)
  • Council District C: Beth Siegelbaum
  • Council District D: William Pappa
  • Council District D: George Tsiranides
  • Council District E: John Igneri (incumbent)
  • Council District E: Thomas Livingston (incumbent)
  • Board of Education: Heidi Keyes (incumbent)
  • Board of Education: Bruce Kimmel
  • Board of Education: Sarah Lemieux
  • Board of Education: Barbara Meyer Mitchell
  • Constable: Ari Disraelly
  • Constable: Ernie Dumas
  • Constable: Jalin Sead
  • Constable: Johnnie Mae Weldon
  • First Taxing District Commissioner: No nominee (no opening for a Democrat)
  • First Taxing District Treasurer: Elsa Peterson Obuchowski (incumbent)
  • Second Taxing District Commissioner: David Westmoreland (incumbent)
  • Second Taxing District Commissioner: Mary Geake (incumbent)
  • Second Taxing District Treasurer: Darlene Young (incumbent)
  • Third Taxing District Commissioner: Pam Parkington
  • Third Taxing District Treasurer: Johnnie Mae Weldon
  • Sixth Taxing District Commissioner: Mike Barbis (incumbent)
  • Sixth Taxing District Treasurer: No nominee

Republican-endorsed candidates, as provided by the Republican Town Committee:

  • Mayor: Andy Conroy
  • Town Clerk: Rick McQuaid (incumbent)
  • City sheriff: James Anderson
  • City Treasurer: Jerry Petrini
  • Selectman: Kathryn Martino (incumbent)
  • Selectman: Jeffrey Konspore
  • Common Council at large: Richard Bonenfant (incumbent)
  • Common Council at large: Enrique Santiago
  • Common Council at large: Peter Halladay
  • Common Council at large: Mark Suda
  • Common Council at large: William Dunne
  • Council District A: Ellen Wink
  • Council District A: Frederick Fusci
  • Council District B: Manny Langella
  • Council District B: Hector Correa
  • Council District C: Artie Kassimis
  • Council District C: Vincenzo Capozzoli
  • Council District D: Douglas Hempstead (incumbent as an at large Council member)
  • Council District D: Shannon O’Toole Giandurco (incumbent)
  • Council District E: Ernie DesRochers
  • Council District E: Josh Jewett
  • Board of Education: Thomas Cullen
  • Board of Education: Thomas Donaher
  • Board of Education: Marc D’Amelio
  • Board of Education: Marilyn Knox
  • Constable: Frank Mauro
  • Constable: Fred Bondi
  • Constable: John Romano
  • Constable: James Feigenbaum
  • First Taxing District Commissioner: Thomas Cullen (incumbent)
  • First Taxing District Treasurer: Robert Mercurio
  • Second Taxing District Commissioner: Maria Borges-Lopez (incumbent)
  • Second Taxing District Treasurer: No nominee
  • Third Taxing District Commissioner: Charles Yost (incumbent)
  • Third Taxing District Treasurer: Vincenzo Capozzoli
  • Sixth Taxing District Treasurer: James Hendrickson (incumbent)


Primary challenges are possible. Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells on Sunday provided this list of Democrats who had come in for petitions to force a primary:

  • For mayor, State Rep. Bruce Morris
  • For Board of Education, BoE member Shirley Mosby
  • For Common Council at large, Sharon Stewart and Diane Lauricella
  • District A Common Council, Kadeem Roberts
  • District B Common Council, Manny Langella and Hector Correa

Primary hopefuls have until Aug. 9 to get enough signatures to qualify for a Sept.12 primary.



Stuart Wells August 2, 2017 at 7:44 am

Just a few completed pages of primary petitions have been handed in so far – by John Mosby. I expect more to start showing up today.
Several candidates for “Council in District” have handed in petition pages to get a ballot line for the Working Families Party endorsement that they already received. This requires signatures from 1% of the people who voted in the district last time — just 25 to 35 signatures, depending on the district.
I will post an updated “scoreboard” later today from the office, when, hopefully, I will have more to report.
Stuart Wells, Registrar

V August 2, 2017 at 8:53 am

Are Manny Langella and Hector Correa running as Democrats and trying to primary onto the ballot? Or are they running as Republicans (having been endorsed)? Confused.

Nancy Chapman August 2, 2017 at 9:24 am

They are Democrats who have been crossed endorsed by Republicans. Manny Langella sought DTC endorsement but fell short. Both have obtained petition and are seeking to force a primary onto the ballot.

John Levin August 2, 2017 at 10:22 pm

I feel really stupid. I have lived in Norwalk for 26 years, and I don’t know what a selectman is. Constable – I would assume that’s just what it was in the old English movies, but I probably would be wrong.

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