Norwalk political notes: Morris touts milestone

State Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140).

NORWALK, Conn. – Here’s what we have for you in political notes this Tuesday:

  • Morris cites ‘grassroots victory’ in mayoral candidacy
  • Groundbreaking for The SoNo Collection
  • Rilling: Boys & Girls Club not interested

Morris on his petition candidacy

“This is a grassroots victory for the people of Norwalk, and the first step toward empowering all our citizens to help bridge the gaps that have for too long separated our city from economic opportunity and long term growth,” said State Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140) in a statement last week, after he secured a place on the general election ballot as a mayoral candidate.

Morris had previously stated that he was going to take Mayor Harry Rilling to a primary, which would have required 942 signatures. Instead, Morris submitted 280 signatures for a petition candidacy, well over the 133 signatures needed.

So, no Democratic primary for mayor, but Morris will be on the ballot.

Morris released the statement on Thursday, a statement which NancyOnNorwalk missed until Monday.

“I am particularly gratified by the numbers that have called for my candidacy,” Morris said in the statement. “Their signatures echo the voices I have heard for years from community and neighborhood groups, business men and women, from our schools, the underserved and others, encouraging me to run. I am overwhelmed by their support. This race is for them, and together we will achieve greater economic security and a better quality of life for all of Norwalk.”

Morris is a six term-state representative, the statement said.
Groundbreaking on the mall

The earth is moving at GGP’s West Avenue property, where a construction company is working toward a foundation for The SoNo Collection, GGP’s planned Class A mall.

Digging began more than two months ago but an official groundbreaking is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

A press release said:

“Mayor Harry W. Rilling and retail real estate company GGP Inc., will commence construction of Norwalk’s highly-anticipated regional shopping center at an official groundbreaking ceremony. An exciting time for the Norwalk community, the SoNo Collection will be built for today’s consumer and will create an outstanding, contemporary experience. Mayor Rilling and GGP will share insight on the economic impact, curation strategy and high-quality features that will be available to shoppers of the SoNo Collection.”

What of a YMCA?

NancyOnNorwalk received an inquiry about the YMCA on Monday. Rilling was fast to respond to an NoN question:

“We still have an active YMCA In Norwalk and they provide several programs for our youth. They do not have a facility in Norwalk as of right now. We’ve reached out to the Boys and Girls Club however there was no interest at this time. I will continue to do whatever I can to advocate for a facility for the young people of Norwalk.”


Josh Ornstein August 15, 2017 at 7:29 am

“Continue to do whatever I can” is politician speak for “I’m doing nothing, but if something happens, I’ll take credit”

christine bisceglie August 15, 2017 at 7:33 pm

Hmm. But the programs are very limited and it is not the Norwalk Y anymore but the Wilton /Norwalk Y. One of the few programs that they do run for Norwalk children – for obese children -currently meets in Wilton. According to the Y they are seeking a space in So. Norwalk. Perhaps the Mayor is assisting with this ? I hope so.
The two pools that the Norwalk Y had were used all the time by many youth in town. The two pools are just sitting in the lot with the building vacant. Isn’t it ironic that Norwalk Hospital wanted the property so bad ? A ” health care ” facility” that has left the children particularly the disadvantaged without a safe place to become the healthy adults that we want and will need ?

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