NPD: School is opening, be careful

(Courtesy Norwalk Police Department)

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in a slightly altered format from which it was sent:

School Crossing Guard Awareness 

The Norwalk Department of Police Service wishes to remind the public that Crossing Guards will be stationed throughout the city starting tomorrow and for the remainder of the school year. School Crossing Guards ensure that children from all around the city arrive and leave school safely. We ask that motorists pay special attention in and around school zones for our Crossing Guards. Officers will be monitoring the school crossings to ensure motorists are following the Crossing Guard’s directions. Below are the penalties for failing to do so.

14-300f Vehicles to stop for school crossing guard. Penalties. Issuance of warning or summons upon report of school crossing guard

  • (a) The operator of a motor vehicle shall immediately bring the motor vehicle to a stop not less than ten feet from a location on any highway or private road where a school crossing guard is on duty when the school crossing guard specifically directs the operator to do so. Any motor vehicle so stopped for a school crossing guard shall not proceed until the school crossing guard specifically directs the operator to do so.
  • (b) Any person who violates any provision of subsection (a) of this section shall be fined four hundred fifty dollars for the first offense and, for each subsequent offense, not less than five hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days, or both.
  • (c) Upon receipt of a written report from any school crossing guard specifying the license plate number, color and type of any motor vehicle observed by such school crossing guard violating any provision of subsection (a) of this section and the date, approximate time and location of such violation, a police officer may issue a written warning or summons to the owner of such vehicle.


Norwalk Police Tip Line at 203-854-3111

Anonymous Internet tips can be sent to Norwalk Police website at: www.norwalkpd.com

Anonymous text tips can be submitted by typing “NPD” into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to CRIMES (274637)



This press release was posted as a public service. A press release is a written announcement submitted to news organizations to publicize an event or activity, a milestone or a point of view. NancyOnNorwalk has not researched the assertions made and takes no responsibility for the content.

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