Conroy applauds Norwalk harbor keepers for seeking federal funding in Walk Bridge planning

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NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:


Conroy Applauds Harbor Commission’s Efforts on Walk Bridge Planning
Emphasizes Need to Receive Federal Assistance


NORWALK – Mayoral candidate Andrew Conroy (R) today announced his full support of the Harbor Management Commission’s decision to appeal for federal help to rebuild the Walk Bridge, the aged railroad bridge over the Norwalk River. This effort by Norwalk harborkeepers comes following the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) environmental report released by the Connecticut Department of Transportation regarding the Walk Bridge project.

“I fully concur with the Harbor Management Commission’s view that Norwalk can not afford to sit back and wait in the hopes that someone out there will reach out a hand and help us,” said Conroy. “The state has clearly indicated its unwillingness to reassess this major project, so we must look at other options to finally get this done. Receiving federal assistance would greatly improve the chances of completing this project sooner, but it will require a significant dedication of time, energy, and cooperation among the city’s departments to make Washington pay attention. The Harbor Commission’s proactive approach is a commendable response to obfuscation and inaction. As Norwalk’s mayor, I hope to work closely with the folks whose livelihoods could be adversely affected by bureaucratic foot-dragging. The Walk Bridge is critical to Norwalk’s success in the future.”

Republican mayoral candidate Andy Conroy. (Contributed)

Conroy also pointed out how aging infrastructure is a problem many Connecticut municipalities will contend with in the very near future and there needs to be a straightforward way to receive necessary funding for these projects. This is a heavily trafficked northeast corridor that moves people and goods and is essential to the region’s economy.

“Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure contains countless structures that were conceptualized 100 years ago or more, and the Walk Bridge is a great example of one that has become a major headache for the region. Norwalk has a real opportunity to take the lead on finding an innovative approach to identifying outdated structures, planning their refurbishment, and securing sufficient funding for completing them in the most efficient manner possible,” Conroy added. “Let’s set an example.”

Mayor Harry Rilling has declined to comment on the Harbor Management Commission’s decision.

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