Kinol asserts less crime in the Waypointe district

A view of Loehmann’s Plaza from the roof of The Berkeley, the most recently opened building in the Waypointe development on West Avenue.

NORWALK, Conn. — Crime is down in the Waypointe area, developer Paxton Kinol told the Zoning Commission last month.

A “critical mass of people makes it safe,” he said, asserting that “they took a police officer away from our neighborhood.”

There was a shooting May 18 at 33 Orchard St., across the street from Quincy Lofts and just down the street from Waypointe. A man suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, according to Norwalk Police, who said the shooting was not random and that the victim was likely targeted.

Kinol on Aug. 16 told the Zoning Commission that the shooting was “gang versus gang,” with the victim visiting his grandmother and sitting on her porch.

There was an incident with one set of car rims stolen in the retail section of the garage, he said. Out of towners who target different cities have been caught in the garages, and security gates that close at 1 a.m. and open at 5 a.m. have solved the problem, he said. There are video cameras but, “If they are from Brooklyn or Queens no one recognizes them.”

Norwalk Police Lt. Terrance Blake said Quincy Lofts, which opened last summer, “had a total of 23 calls for service from March 10, 2016 to date.  There is a large variety of calls for service, motor vehicle accident, evading accident, disturbance, roaming dog, loitering, noise, suspicious person, etc.”

On May 12, there were two calls for burglaries to vehicles.

“One was unlocked and nothing was taken. The other had a smashed out window and a jar of change was taken,” Blake said. “The 500 West Av address had a total of 23 calls for service from April 18, 2014 to date. Again they have had the same types of call for service.”

There have not been decreased patrols; “To the contrary patrols were increased in the area,” he said.

The Zoning Commission is continuing its public hearing on Pinnacle at Waypointe, the final phase of the development, planned for Loehmann’s Plaza, Wednesday evening.

It’s been noted that foot traffic is way up in the neighborhood.

“If you walk on the city streets in the morning or after work, there are hundreds of people walking around that weren’t there five years ago,” Kinol said. “There are people going for bike rides and walking their dogs, and just active out in the community and spending the money in the community.”

Former Zoning Commissioner Mike Mushak said five years ago the neighboring Matthews Park was empty.

“We always wished for lots of people,” Mushak said. “There are lots of people in the park now, it’s great.”


Non Partisan September 13, 2017 at 8:50 am

I’m curious if my math is correct

Per the tax card available on the web site
30 orchard- 69 apartments , 97,765 sf.
Appraised value $15.875 MM which for a new building should be pretty close to the construction price less land.

Quick math
Replacement cost = $162/sf. Why is this less than 1/2 of reality?

Taxable value/ unit= 230k – also significantly lower than market.

Can some one explain to me what’s going on here?

Rick September 13, 2017 at 1:56 pm

Terrance Blake is correct yet still lacks painting the entire picture, Mushak is still off base his agenda is the problem his picture is deceiving.

Calls to Waypoint include much more yet unless the address says Waypoint ,its not Waypoint. and the length of time each call is has city coverage consequences. A police to a residential as opposed to a Waypoint call can be at least a half hour difference . Noise complaints at Waypoint could be shoddy construction not a police issue if the walls are like paper.

There are some calls the Pd have responded to over this period are court cases are they not? Time in a court room is overtime for responding officers is it not? Even if it isn’t a better picture officer Blake is not wrong but there is more info lacking from his rendition of police calls to the area..If a resident calls in a incident on the street the call is where the incident is not the resident location calling is it not? Waypoint is Norwalks new guard towers lets say.

What about the fire dept didn’t they empty the complex one night send everyone out for a gas leak that was many hours on site was it not?

To say crime has gone down using the police ;ohs and not the arrests or the citation log is misleading.

How many felons does it ale to make a complex dangerous? No one has any control who moves in and what they do after they become Norwalkers but there is paper trails from repos and arrests all the time.Maritime Condos is a good example felons from there became national news in the past. From ripping off models to ripping off golf classics to stolen planes a big league of crime someone like Mushak will never understand.

Lost of people have brought a constant cruiser in Mathews park police logs today show the routine ,Norwalk has extra help on the shift overnight taxed with noise complaints that have not gone away.

We are talking a police dept who has to call outside for help with translation all the time,how is that efficient two officers waiting for another from out of town to translate for a law breaker or even worse a victim in a city of 100,000 .

No there are many more incidents that pull our police to west ave ,yes more people more issues that the garden variety of responses officer Blake talks about,then again he is only responding to the cities questions none of them in depth or requires a projection of response figures needed in any police dept response in a meeting.

What is the average call time to any call at west ave from beginning to end including court cases.

How can emptying a building on a gas leak not come into play here? Took the entire shift of both fire and police.

No way is officer Blake wrong but using the 500 west ave address and nothing else seems to be a mistake.

back in the old days if a bar had many calls the abc should shut them down yet if the calls were coming from the bar on other places is use to be just the bar complaint tally now with waypoint it doesn’t seem to be the same ,see something blocks away its not waypoint its how the log reads not what the true picture is.

Stepping stones and the park are listed all the time in the log wherer many times they are not called they are there just keeping an eye on what?

Mushak is out of touch with the city when it comes to things like this always his take has always been a one sided limited information based on emotion and not fact.

EMS has never been called to Waypoint? Drug overdoses of patient committals domestic violence has never occued there? These calls nevr happen, and juvenile cases are not recorded as case numbers or are they? Thats a big number to be missing when painting the canvas, has the school dept had any dealings at waypoint ,we will never know.

Is there any privileged information lacking from the offices report ,isn’t his fault he cant talk about confidential numbers thats why they are confidential.

Norwallk has or is going thru an accreditation cycle does it cover any of this mentioned above ,the city pays well for this process ,who sees the report and who at cith hall enacts upon it if there are recommendations ?

Wish for a lot of people from sewage to city services we all pay the price in taxes and yes we the city have take a number on a night when Sono is packed and the EMS busses come from out of town for those poor bastards waiting for services they have paid for years,while the new people and the visitors get first.

Alway said if Mike wants so much stuff where are his plans to pay for it ,its not coming from his check book is it?

Rick September 14, 2017 at 1:26 pm

put west ave down for five more calls if you consider 505 west ave the same place for one

Maybe a running tab may produce more proof than what the city is able to come up.

with the medical call this morning at three was clearly 500 west ave ,selective enforcement was three and and a disturbance at 500 on top of that 3 other west ave calls in a 24 hour period kept police cars there all night

Vey little presence in the city deters no one from committing a crime was that also talked about at the meeting?

Yet the break ins and other calls in the city still maintained space on the police log

Our city clearly doesn’t have direction when ROOKIE LIKE ME CAN PRODUCE FACTS BEFORE AN EX POLICE CHIEF can step in and show a little class and actually look into the facts and how they were requested.

Take nothing away from officer Blake he only did what was asked,did anyone ask if he thinks the dept needs more officers at night to off set overtime?

Mikey the little park next to Mathews park ,you know where a woman was almost beaten to death during the middle of the day ,how has that park been made safer since that attack? wait don’t ask they will have you landscaping the park for paxtons as his new playground unless plans make it a parking lot.

Its a shame we have people in Norwalk given a voice to drown out the voice of reason.

Someone step up to the plate and talk fact this BS about how nice and safe it is not amusing any more.

This is not rocket science to look each morning to see how the numbers conflict what Paxton and Mike say what really is going on. Where are our elected officials having ice cream with Duff?


start your day seeing whats gone on while you sleep,its obvious Paxton and Mike don’t

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