Norwalk DPW schedules Sept. 19 presentation on $3M NRVT trail segment

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

The City of Norwalk has a project, State Project 102-350 Norwalk River Valley Multi-purpose Trail – Phase 2. Preliminary design has been developed and the project is slated for construction under the Surface Transportation Program administered by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

It is the City’s and the State’s policy to keep persons informed and involved when such projects are undertaken. It is important that the community share its concerns to assist in the project’s development. The City will conduct an informational meeting on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 7:00 in Room 101, Norwalk City Hall, 125 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT.

It is planned to construct a paved multi-purpose trail from Union Park in Norwalk to New Canaan Avenue which will connect two existing sections of multi-purpose trail

Based upon a preliminary assessment, the construction cost will be approximately $3,000,000.

The Federal Highway Administration will provide 80% of the construction cost with the City providing the remaining 20% of the construction cost.

Anyone interested in obtaining further information or providing input on the project may do so by contacting: Michael M. Yeosock, PE

Assistant Principal Engineer

Norwalk Department of Public Works 125 East Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06851


[email protected]




This press release was posted as a public service. A press release is a written announcement submitted to news organizations to publicize an event or activity, a milestone or a point of view. NancyOnNorwalk has not researched the assertions made and takes no responsibility for the content.


Patrick Cooper September 9, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Milligan is well informed. Nice little amenity to enhance value / rents. But will it affect the assessments? All along this trail? It’s not to pooh pooh the project – but seems like with 3 million we could do this section with 500,000 and 300 volunteers, and then use 2.5 million to put in a beach pavilion that would be the envy of the county. Of course you’d have to use a builder unfamiliar with city hall.

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