Norwalk Police officer shot during firearms training

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:


Injured Officer

On September 5, 2017 at 2:45pm, a Norwalk Police Officer sustained a gunshot wound as a result of an accidental discharge of a firearm during department training at police headquarters. The officer was transported by ambulance to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  The incident is currently under investigation by the Norwalk Detective Bureau. At this time, the identity of the injured officer is being withheld however the officer is doing well.


Norwalk Police Tip Line at 203-854-3111

Anonymous Internet tips can be sent to Norwalk Police website at: www.norwalkpd.com

Anonymous text tips can be submitted by typing “NPD” into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to CRIMES (274637).



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One comment

Rick September 6, 2017 at 4:53 pm

No one can offer a speedy recovery? No one from city hall can offer any kinds words?

Let me be the first to offer a kind word to our officer,thank you for your service get well have a fast recovery’

Suppose history tells us there is much more to the story

This happens a lot all over the country this is not a reflection of Norwalks dept.

Has the department had its accreditation done? If not this would be good time to have it done anyone agree?

Norwalk pays a lot to have it done maybe now is the time we get something for our dollar.

We have a lot of great officers accreditation validates their good work,shines a light on what can be done to make things better for the city and the department.

This substation at the mall would be a key to having a train station on wall st. But you wont hear that from the Wall st gang.

The city is going thru some big changes once the overtime bill hits again only then will the city look at its practice of running lean after the election .

I’m sure no rudder is in the water but the anchor has been dropped on this one by the sounds of of it.

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