NPS offers ‘Biliteracy’ workshop Monday at Silvermine Elementary School

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Norwalk, Conn. (September 29, 2017) – Silvermine Dual Language Magnet School will hold a Supporting Developing Biliteracy workshop at the school on Monday, October 2 from 6pm to 8pm. Biliteracy expert Patricia Núñez from the Center for Teaching Biliteracy in Chicago will present the first hour of the program. Silvermine Dual Language Coordinator Elizabeth Chahine and Dual Language Parent Coordinator Lorena Davison will present the second half of the workshop. Both current Silvermine families and those interested in learning more about the school are welcome to attend.

Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about topics such as teaching their bilingual children and helping with homework. They will also learn more about the benefits of the Silvermine biliteracy program, which launched last year.

As part of Norwalk Public School’s plan to create more choices that meet diverse student needs and interests, Silvermine’s long-time Mano-a-Mano program was expanded to become a full dual language immersion school. At Silvermine, teachers plan and coordinate instructional programs in a team teaching environment at each grade level:  one instructs in English, and the other in Spanish. The program strives to develop high levels of proficiency in both English and Spanish, develop academic performance that is at or above grade level in both languages and promotes cross-cultural competence.

Norwalk Public Schools is a long-time leader in international studies and dual language programming. In addition to Silvermine, the Center for Global Studies at Norwalk’s Brien McMahon High School is a well-known, inter-district magnet school that focuses on Arabic, Chinese and Japanese language, history, and culture.


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special education advocate October 14, 2017 at 6:10 pm

I was wondering why children with special needs are not welcome at Silvermine? The principal encourages parents to send them to other schools in the district. Does anyone know why?

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