Opinion: Oyster Festival; Citizens’ Police Academy; DACA; price gouging

State Sen. Bob Duff.

Oyster Festival this Weekend

The Oyster Festival is coming up this weekend. Beautiful weather is in the forecast for the festival’s 40th year.

Gates opened at 6 p.m. Friday. The festival runs the whole weekend! For more information and tickets, please visit www.seaport.org.

Signup for the Norwalk Citizens’ Police Academy
I want to make you aware that the Norwalk Police will, once again, host the popular six-week long Norwalk Citizens’ Police Academy course.

The six-week course begins on Thursday, Sept. 14, and is scheduled to meet twice a week from 7 to 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Participants will meet and discuss current issues with veteran officers, view demonstrations on techniques and training methods used by the department, and go on a ride-along with an on-duty officer.

Space is limited and advance registration is required. For more information, or to register, please contact Norwalk Police Lt. Terry Blake at 203-854-3074.

Defending DACA

I am disappointed and angry with President Trump’s action to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Like many Americans, I am tired of the constant barrage of hateful policies and statements coming from the White House.

Forcing these kids into the shadows of our society instead of embracing them as productive members of our communities, our colleges and our workforce is a calculated political maneuver designed to further divide the nation. I’ve met many Dreamers and feel the administration’s decision is simply un-American.

I hope my colleagues–Democrats and Republicans–will stand with me and our immigrant communities in opposition to the repeal of DACA.


Just another Norwalk Voter September 9, 2017 at 7:38 am

Senator Duff
Please get to work on a budget that doesn’t increase our taxes (income, sales and property) or reduce essential services. One suggestion is to eliminate free health insurance for you and all the elected state officials. Another is to eliminate pensions you and the other elected officials receive for part time work in Hartford.
I will vote for you again but only if you don’t raise our taxes.
Just another Norwalk Voter ( one of your constituents)

Donna September 9, 2017 at 7:48 am

Senator Duff, aside from a few extremists, no one wants to end DACA. But it is time to revisit the 14th Amendment.

@Andrew, I agree the budget is curiously absent from this mish mash of happy thoughts and political correctness. The future of Connecticut lies in the vibrancy of its cities. What ideas does Duff have to make Norwalk the vibrant destination it could and should be? We are all ears.

Bryan Meek September 9, 2017 at 8:16 am

Is it any wonder we don’t have a budget, when one of our top lawmakers so clearly demonstrates a total lack of understanding of the Constitution?

What is Un-American is Congress’ failure to pass legislation that provides for modern day immigration needs. The Administration has clearly stated this and wishes to work within the framework of American laws. That is what is American. Following the law whether you agree with it or not. One person can not decree laws as President Obama did here and as Obama himself stated, we are a nation of laws an Congress should act.

What is more curious is how anyone can state in such strong terms support for this type of immigration, then on the other hand has failed in their State constitutional responsibilities to actually provide funding to the cities he would see host these migrants.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that our Capitol city is on the edge of filing for bankruptcy and all we get from our Senate leadership is outrage at the federal government for something out of his control.

I’d suggest he either do his job, or quit and let someone else who is interested in running the state’s business. We have holes in our city and school budgets thanks to his team’s failure to do their most fundamental job.

Thanks for yet another self promoting PSA, but anyone who is going already knows about the Oyster Fest and you can spare us your outrage and pick up the phone and urge Mr. Himes, Murphy, and Blumenthal to do their jobs next time you have a break from working so hard on our budget.

Rick September 10, 2017 at 1:23 am

Bob Ct is down 250 state troopers the backbone of law enforcent.While your finding money for nonsense while we have no budget could you please make the state police your priority.

You this time last year or the year before touted safe highways and weigh stations making things safer on the roads.Do you have any idea where those weigh stations now stand?

We now the answer Bob do you ?

Bob no one stands with you anymore just look at the comments, not one seems to be in your corner. Its lonely at the top isn’t it Bob?

I would still prefer the Sunday funnies but thanks Bob for the humor.

Wait till election time signs are ready,your scorecard has been filled out and ready for your campaign

please save a forest take us all off your mailing list Bob.

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