America needs gun control

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Enough is enough!

The death rates from gun violence in the U.S. is unparalleled and unpardonable. It is a national disgrace. Americans are 10 times more likely to be killed by guns than people in other developed countries, and among 22 other high income countries, the U.S. gun-related death rate is 25 times higher than average.

Our annual gun-homicides rate are twice the number of servicemen killed in Iraq, and if measured against 10 years of Vietnam, 10 years at the current rate would be twice as many the number of US servicemen who died in Vietnam!

The annual number of U.S. gun-related suicides is twice that of gun-related homicides.

As a public health official said, guns are killing us, not protecting us. Therefore, we need some common sense laws  to protect us from this evil death threat that differentiates us from all other countries.


  1. An immediate moratorium of the manufacture and sale of any automatic or semi-automatic fire-arm capable of carrying a magazine of nine or more rounds. This would be a presidential executive order. The moratorium would last until appropriated legislation would ban the sale or use of such weapons in the U.S. High fines and jail terms should be levied against violators.
  2. No fire arm of any kind can be sold without a background check no matter how long such a check may take. This includes all sales, public or private, on- or off-line. High fines and jail terms await violators.
  3. All gun sales, public or private, must be registered by state motor vehicle departments and gun owners must pass the equivalent of a “driving” test in order to be licensed to own a firearm.
  4. The 2004 ban on research into gun violence must be revoked, and gun violence should be classified as a public health issue.
  5. Ban interstate gun trafficking in the U.S. Impose stiff penalties on anyone who buys a gun to deliver to a third party. Ban gun sales to domestic violence offenders.
  6. Ban firearms from all public, educational and corporate places including stores and restaurants.
  7. Ban types of ammunition meant to be more lethal, and limit magazine rounds to a maximum of nine.
  8. A constitutional amendment should limit the right to own firearms to those who are properly licensed to own weapons with magazines of nine rounds or less. Except for law enforcement officers, carrying handguns openly or concealed is a federal crime.


Scott Kimmich



Rick October 3, 2017 at 11:05 pm

I agree Scott we have a problem but Americans own an estimated 265 million guns

over 600.000 are stolen each year

7.7 million own over a 100 guns

maybe a limit on how many can be owned would be a good start

maybe more law enforcement officers can be hired our own Ct State police are down 250 officers would be a good start close to home.

Your missing the point when it comes to criminals they seriously dont care what the law is, in Ct they arrest and let go offenders who commit again .

Maybe if we look at facts behind each case we can come up with solutions that work and not cloud the issues with bans they simply dont work unless we have resources to enforce.

moratorium of the manufacture and sale of any automatic or semi-automatic fire-arms I havn’t got the figure on what is exported maybe Himes or Murphy does.

We need people in Washington that has respect from others on the hill to push new laws and give money to states to enforce bans like you suggest.

I suggest also to latch onto those numbers who use guns to defend themselves from home owners to bodegas and work a ban around them .

Number six suggests simply go out unarmed in places where carnage is likely, is simply not an option to Americans I know.

Facts and numbers are good but our vets in Nam had gear to reduce death , no one goes to a mall or concert with a helmet and flak vest current facts work better when common sense laws are needed.

Ian October 4, 2017 at 7:42 am

Rick..Oct 3 posted this…”Maybe if we look at facts behind each case we can come up with solutions that work and not cloud the issues with bans they simply dont work unless we have resources to enforce.” Bans DO work and they are in place in other countries and they DO work, it is that simple. Right NOW the NRA wants to have legislation passed for silencers to be allowed to be purchased. What is WRONG with people like Scott. You can’t kill some one by thrwoing rocks at them from 200 meters now can you and its hard to even chop a guys balls off with a knife if you run into a crowd..certainly could NOT get 60 people dead and 500 more wounded…this is NOT a one off – it hapens ALL the time…30,000 Americans … EACH year ….from gun killings and god knows how many more injured for life. INNOCENT PEOPLE…..and the NRA wants to let silencers be available now as well? GUN CONTROL DOES WORK..BANS ON GUNS DOES WORK…AND ON THE ISSUE OF THE SECOND AMendment ….More people are in jail in the USA than in Russia and China combined…..If d Trump would like to make America great again then address some issues and dont play the dog for agenda based lobby groups…..Law enforcement needs to be cleaned up…judiciary decisions need to cleaned up, corruption needs to be cleaned up, medical care needs to be cleaned up, welfare needs to be cleaned up and provided on a basis of NEED for HOW EVER long, homelessness needs to be cleaned up and a president who has NO balls needs to be cleaned up

Paul Cantor October 4, 2017 at 12:21 pm

6 Things to Know about Mass Shootings in America
By Frederic Lemieux, Scientific American.

A study I conducted on mass shootings indicated that this phenomenon is not limited to the United States. Mass shootings also took place in 25 other wealthy nations between 1983 and 2013, but THE NUMBER OF MASS SHOOTINGS IN THE UNITED STATES FAR SURPASSES THAT OF ANY OTHER COUNTRY included in the study during the same period of time. The US had 78 mass shootings during that 30-year period. The highest number of mass shootings experienced outside the United States was in Germany – where seven shootings occurred. In the other 24 industrialized countries taken together, 41 mass shootings took place. In other words, the US had nearly double the number of mass shootings than all other 24 countries combined in the same 30-year period. Another significant finding is that MASS SHOOTINGS AND GUN OWNERSHIP RATES ARE HIGHLY CORRELATED. THE HIGHER THE GUN OWNERSHIP RATE, THE MORE A COUNTRY IS SUSCEPTIBLE TO EXPERIENCING MASS SHOOTING INCIDENTS.

Go here to see the graphs:

Rick October 4, 2017 at 4:11 pm

Holman W Jenkins jr wrote today

Non meaningful gun regulations ,in fact, the specialty of a Democratic senator who long represented Nevada ,scene of Sundays killings.Harry Reid had a lifetime rating of B by the NRA.

You have to read Jenkins entire article but he starts out by saying

Those who say gun control is the answer to massacres like Sudays in Las Vegas are really saying they are willing to live with such outrages.

Its in the Wall st journal today it actually gives some great suggestions and thoughts on how to combat this tragedy the headlines and first comments are designed to get the reader to finish the article and profiles such people who do this.

Others today have said the same thing its going to cost money and lots of it laws today are useless and yes the new ones are no better that are proposed.

I suggest the article its not about numbers its about uncovering these shooters before they act using whats available.

I dont find fault with anyone suggesting or trying anything to slow down theses tragedies but read Holman’s article on page A15 todays Journal it by far the bsst handful of suggestions I have seen so far using what we already have for tools in the tool box.

I also agree with Ian clean up the system its long overdue.

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