News Junkie: CEA and three communities challenge Malloy’s executive order

HARTFORD, Conn. — The state’s largest teachers union and three communities filed an injunction in superior court Wednesday hoping to prevent reductions in education funding they say will put “children’s futures at risk.”

The Connecticut Education Association, along with the towns of Brooklyn, Plainfield, and the city of Torrington argue in court documents that in the absence of a state budget Gov. Dannel P. Malloy does not have the authority to cut education spending.

Malloy has been running the state by executive order since July 1.

“The cuts to our students and schools are the worst in Connecticut’s modern history,” Donald Williams, executive director of the Connecticut Education Association, said. “Left unchecked these cuts to education will cause chaos in the vast majority of our towns and massive disruption and harm to students, teachers, and our public schools.”

Read the full story on CT News Junkie.

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