News Junkie: Close, but large issues still linger in budget talks

HARTFORD, Conn. — Legislative leaders say they’ve made progress on the definition of a spending cap and the Education Cost Sharing formula, but they still have yet to tackle things like teacher retirement costs.

Following another four hours of closed-door meetings Tuesday, legislative leaders said they’re making progress and don’t plan to have a conversation with Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy until they work out a few more issues.

If they don’t believe they need Malloy’s support they might have to find 101 votes in the House and 24 in the Senate to override a gubernatorial veto. They declined Tuesday to speculate on how much of their progress in these discussions the governor might support. They agreed that it was easier to have the conversations by themselves than with the governor.

“We are eager to see details from leaders on where they’ve found compromise,” Kelly Donnelly, a spokeswoman for Malloy, said. “The governor has been very clear that our budget must be balanced with realistic spending cuts and not gimmicks or unachievable savings. We look forward to reviewing their ideas and finalizing a biennial budget in the days ahead.”

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