News Junkie: Malloy administration points to so-called drafting error

HARTFORD, Conn. — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration sounded the alarm bells Thursday morning when they say they found a “drafting error” in the bipartisan budget they weren’t involved in writing.

Legislative leaders say it wasn’t necessarily a so-called “error.”

The problematic language was related to the hospital tax and according to administration sources it has nothing to do with whether the governor will or won’t sign a budget agreement.

While they remained open the the prospect of a technical fix, the Malloy administration said the error could cost the state $1 billion in federal reimbursement if it’s not corrected. The administration says the language regarding the hospital tax fails to establish a federal compliant health care tax, illegally links taxes and supplemental payments, and still mandates that payments be made to the hospitals, even if federal reimbursement for supplemental payments aren’t made.

Read the full story on CT News Junkie.

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