News Junkie: Malloy’s patience wears thin, leaders remain hopeful

HARTFORD, Conn. — Legislative leaders continue to say they’ve been making significant progress in their closed-door budget discussions, but Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has his doubts and is getting impatient.

“We’ve done damage to Connecticut by not having a budget in place by June 30th,” Malloy said. “That is a legislative requirement and every day that goes on it gets worse.”

He said legislative leaders met for two-and-a-half hours Thursday and if that’s not going to get them a budget then “they need to step up the pace.”

Legislative leaders expressed confidence Thursday in the progress they were making, but they weren’t going to meet today.

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Donna Smirniotopoulos October 14, 2017 at 10:47 am

In the early going, Malloy was a liberal darling, increasing the minimum wage, adding paid sick leave and government jobs. Malloy awoke from his utopian taxpayer funded dreamscape when GE announced a long-threatened move. Aetna and others followed. Connecticut is no longer an ideal place to start up a business or grow an existing one. Malloy tipped the balance too far to the left, and the state economy has suffered as a result. And no one in Hartford—neither democrats or republicans—has discovered the Fountain of Youth that Connecticut so desperately needs. 30 something’s aren’t moving here. We’re getting older by the minute. Dynamic cities like New York are more attractive than they were in the 80s when I moved to CT instead of NYC. And people who want to raise families in the suburbs are moving south and west, where the cost of living and state income tax burdens are lower. No one likes to cut higher education spending. But CT is at a point where there can be no sacred cows. The cuts needed to limp out of this hole we’re in will be painful.

Oh, and the SEBAC agreement was dumb. Thank you state democrats and their fearless leader Bob Duff for that genius move. Short term savings saddled with long term obligations.

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