Opinion: Norwalk ACTS director’s weekly shout outs

Anthony Allison

Anthony Allison is the executive director of Norwalk ACTS. 

Shout Out to All Our Kin’s Chief Executive Officer, Jessica Sager, who has been named a Class of 2017 Ashoka Fellow. The Ashoka Fellowship supports systems-changing social entrepreneurs who are championing innovative solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Jessica was chosen for her work in transforming the field of child care by radically re-imagining how family child care providers see themselves. All Our Kin ensures that child care professionals succeed as business owners; working parents find stable, high-quality care for their children; and children gain an educational foundation that lays the groundwork for achievement in school and beyond. We are fortunate to have Jessica as a member of Norwalk ACTS and a mover and shaker in our community.

Shout Out to Executive Director Novelette Peterkin and the entire team at the Carver Foundation of Norwalk for being recognized for their work on behalf of children by The Norwalk Board of Education. Carver is a Norwalk Public Schools primary partner in providing high-quality after-school and summer programs for middle and high school students throughout the city.

The Carver Foundation is a member of Norwalk ACTS and partners with many other community organizations including the CT Pre-Engineering Program, Maritime Aquarium, Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Norwalk Seaport Association, Westport Playhouse, and Northeast Children’s Theatre Company to provide in-depth, hands-on exposure to many academic and enrichment disciplines and opportunities for children. Congratulations!

One comment

Rick October 29, 2017 at 2:53 pm

This is one of the best things Norwalk has going for them

Lets give them space at the new mall no way will it be a destination for shoppers

Besides Norwalk is into the mall for a large chunk of change maybe helping out the Craver foundation will be a sign of good faith with the taxpayers while they continue to pay for the mall.

Figure Wall st has an unfinished building maybe that would be a good donation isn’t everyday we get a state of the art parking garage by Bob Duff that sits and rots.

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