Andy Conroy is the best choice for Norwalk’s future

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Norwalk’s four-way race for mayor this year shows why so many voters don’t want Harry Rilling to have any role in the future of our city. The three other candidates agree that Norwalk stands at a crossroads. One candidate, Andy Conroy, is the best and the only responsible choice for Mayor.


Andy has 30 years of experience in city government and, over the course of that career, demonstrated superior ethical conduct, sound decision making, and effective thinking necessary to take our city toward a common goal: a great Norwalk!


As for the others? Our current mayor is taking money for give-aways to irresponsible out-of-state developers and he’s taking orders from our failed state government that wants to trash education and turn our city into a billion-dollar bridge construction hell hole. And does Poko ring a bell?


Bruce Morris, who is suing our city and our taxpayers for a bigger pension, wants to be mayor to control Norwalk’s corporation counsel lawyers for a nice settlement and a really big pension.


And Lisa Brinton thinks that she can wave a magic wand and change everything  when no one in the city government who she has, for months, insulted and questioned their dignity, honor and standing, have stepped up to support her and her platform; not even the current candidates for common council. She has NO experience in government, and it shows.


Andy’s contributions, on the other hand,  to the City of Norwalk during his time in public life range from small projects in the city to large and impactful undertakings such as the charter revision that Andy led the city through as Council President.  He deserves much of the credit for remaking the Board of Education and making seats on the board an elected position, rather than political appointees of the mayor.


Andy has made a compelling case for himself throughout this campaign, making “vision” among his top campaign themes.  To me, this means a shift away from the “rudderless” approach of Harry Rilling, who seems content to take Norwalk which ever way the wind blows rather than being guided by a blueprint for the future.


Andy’s superior combination of vision, management skills, and experience is what sets him apart from the other candidates this year, and what Norwalk needs.  Norwalk voters must not elect a candidate for mayor that is either motivated by money or by malice.


I urge my friends, neighbors, and fellow Norwalkers to vote for Andy Conroy for Mayor.

He’s the best and only responsible choice.

Victor Cavallo



Donna Smirniotopoulos November 5, 2017 at 6:41 pm

Victor, here is an example of what happens when elected members with party affiliations endorse third party candidates. Party leaders troll them on social media and use pictures of their children to lob personal attacks and question loyalties. Lisa Brinton’s campaign has demonstrated that party loyalties are not all that when it comes to electing a mayor.

Al Bore November 5, 2017 at 7:52 pm

We need someone who is not a politician since all politicians are the same they only think of themselves and couldn’t care less about anyone else after the election, my opinion. I do not like that the current mayor takes campaign money from the developers that our over developing Norwalk to line their pockets. I think Norwalk has gone apartment building crazy and traffic in Norwalk is the worst it’s ever been, so that leaves me with one choice Lisa. I hope she will protect our neighborhoods, insist on smart development and most important quality of life for Norwalk residents. Norwalk has become too overcrowded and we are bursting at the seams, remember sometimes less is more. Good luck Lisa, I like a lot of what you say. You have my vote this time but you have to earn my vote the next time.

Rick November 6, 2017 at 2:44 am

thank you Victor , we saw first hand how Andy stood up and used what he had to fight one sided progressive back room deals made by previous mayors.Mayors who let departments run unchecked.

We always here about the plus side of how the last twenty years have been for the city ,its the disasters the voters should consider.

When members of any union stand for a politician where most members dont even reside in the city , and when most department heads go unchallenged and usually leave office in their 70s its time to find qualified talent.

The Hour is guilty of running stories that honestly have no credibility at times when it comes to the financial health of our city.Running stories to placate a city is not reporting its grabbing advertising dollars.

Channel 12 touts the Arts district while panning a unfinished abandoned project on wall st,a Theater that honestly so far has been a disaster a proposed train station that the State has no plans to build the mall will get one before Wall st. Simply look at the GGP playbook and understand Norwalk has been low hanging fruit for years.

Water main breaks happen in all cities yet 16 inch mains are breaking in Norwalk this only means poor planning continues, water and sewer for a mall figures never had whats going in at this mall. Turning the pressure down at pumping stations is not fixing the problems.

Vets park has turned into a private concession ,Oyster shell has lost out on the solar money maker for the city.

Bridgeport is seeking a casino with that comes hotels malls and venues Norwalk never could support.

Historic places like the cemetery have become pawns when instead of a needed fence the city got a road going thru it where vandalism could be devastating to its future.

Salt marsh restoration below generation points of unchecked contamination continues to grow, this taxpayer funded joke is not good.

The power plant has been one of the best red herrings for the city in years. No facts plenty of photo ops and no common sense when it came to throwing money at it. We were told what? We saved the power company money and time.The power company has a good laugh.

Dumpsters crashing at all hours of the night and early morning,bars continue to draw case numbers on noise yet zoning and noise ordinance rules and zoning laws have done little to correct the problems.

e now have city full of renters who expect laws written to be enforced and don’t understand what wait in line means to resolve issues.

Schools that skirt radon and environmental laws and use budgets as an excuse not to be compliant.

This walk bridge showed the city no one cares about Norwalk, the Washington st bridge needs replacing Im sure Marriott isn’t planning on that bridge or the staging outside their new hotel when the Walk bridge starts.

Fire dept needs new leadership from within would make sense but for a city that needs vision,cant keep building and not provide a fire dept with decent fire ground supervision or not have the fire science technology expected to a city of this size. Im not against fire boats or am i against front line responders having what they need .

Narcan is provided by whom in the city is it both police and fire along with EMS or not? The past few weeks show a problem that needs to be addressed.

New Flagmen have taken the city by storm an issue brewing within the last few days show there is a problem ,this company from NJ has the advantage not clear what is is yet.

Norwalk has been branded a sanctuary city yet headlines days before the election shows sending back one offender from Norwalk with fed involvement was priceless. Right before the accreditation, the timing was perfect.

Since day st has been closed and opened up new flooding patterns exist on water st anyone else notice this?

Ryan park will become a nightmare , companies with questionable pasts have been hired to do the work , when plans were detailed there was no new high rise next door. Trust the health of the workers will be considered and the windows stay close .

these are some of the issues not breached by the city or the candidates but just ask who is qualified to ignore them and who is qualified to act on them.

Andy is qualified to find middle ground , he also knows what has been missed by the mayors office for years. To fix problems that has been created foe years you need to know how these became problems ,history repeats itself in Norwalk its expected mistakes repeat them selves as a city we are running out of time and money.

Depending on the State days are over, exodus of business talent and high end taxpayers is the here and now. Most of the giveaways have been by Norwalks own, from CT.N to solar power to business incentives have failed Norwalks leadership in Dc has failed .

I agree loyalties are not all that when it comes to electing a mayor.Our city has been blindsided all this new development, its coming with a price tag taxpayers are on a hook for.

Instead of screwing the most vulnerable Mr Conroy heard from the most vulnerable for years , ignoring those, have come with a price tag homeowners will be paying that price tag long after Norwalks mistakes have been made.

Norwalk has a choice pull the plug and and let the city be in the dark or shed some light on the daily problems effecting the quality of life. The old timers with agendas know who they are , the brown noses who have pushed agendas making the city less attractive know who they are and the city urban developers with the tarot cards and volumes of urban legends know who they are.The builders making the last dime on the city with the help of the Redevelopment Auth know who they are..

This election is not about the future its about the mistakes made in the past.

Rarely has anyone actually taken the time to thank Nancy for her journalism her time for the platform she has given us all.

Thank you Nancy for whats its worth after the election yo can come out of your foxhole put away your gear and go sit in the sun. Norwalk will be here with the same poison but different bottle for everyone to share when you get back.

I would of used kool Aid but when Ed Perkins invented it in his mothers kitchen I doubt he was thinking it would ever be tied to Jim Jones almost 35 years ago to the day.

Honest reporting with no agenda Nancy has done and has done well.

Sue Haynie November 6, 2017 at 5:44 am

I’m voting for Lisa Brinton.

Lisa’s a smart businesswoman.

Lisa has ideas, energy and a history of bi-partisanship.

Lisa’s a fighter.

Lisa will fight for Norwalk.

pnolin November 6, 2017 at 5:18 pm

Vic you are being somewhat misleading; you know for a fact that dozens of R’s from town committee and many serving in positions with City government are backing Lisa. You can certainly support Andy, that is your right, but you don’t need to mislead or misrepresent in doing so.

Patrick Cooper November 6, 2017 at 5:32 pm

@PNolin – what a lovely slice of TRUTH. You bet republican’s are backing Lisa. Two reasons. First – she’s the right person to tackle the financial, multi-level developments, and operating challenges ahead of Norwalk. Two – she is by far the best candidate.

Andy is a good man, a nice man. But Lisa is your best bet republicans. Vote to win.

Victor Cavallo November 6, 2017 at 7:50 pm

Dirty laundry patrol. Peter: refer to our current by-laws you wrote. Page 1 which I sent to RTC members. Then tell me whether any RTC member like you should be pulling for candidates – documented democrats- in opposition to our endorsed Republican candidate, Andy Conroy, whom you endorsed as well at the convention.

Lay out your argument, with evidence. Disclose the dozens. Then tell me which of us should not be nominated for re-election to the RTC from District E. I await our chair’s response.

Donna Smirniotopoulos November 6, 2017 at 8:26 pm

Many Rs are supporting Lisa as well as many Ds. Some of these are elected officials. Some are RTC and DTC members. They are surprisingly resistant to bullying from either the right or the left, which makes the party leaders nervous and confused. It’s distressing when the party machinery makes it impossible for elected people to openly support candidates outside the party. When did the Republican Party in Norwalk become enforcers? I doubt Andy Conroy would support strong-arm tactics.

Sometimes the independent candidate is the best choice. And any elected person regardless of party affiliation should be able to support that candidate without rebuke. The implied bullying is why party politics is toxic and doesn’t belong in local elections.

pnolin November 6, 2017 at 8:32 pm

Vic please pound sand 🙂 Its a free country and when candidates lie to their parties they don’t deserve support. You know all these facts but wish to pretend otherwise. You like me know of the dozens of R’s who tried to get Andy to step down in favor of Lisa. I kept my mouth shut publicly until you misrepresented the facts. But there it is; you put the issue out there so it is on you. If you want me off RTC next go around please do what ever you think appropriate.

Victor Cavallo November 6, 2017 at 11:20 pm

Peter: I am committed to rescuing the Republican Town Committee from the clutches of the toxic David-McCarthy wing of this party. Comprised of less than a dozen of you, as I see. Seems that you’ve succumbed. That’s not what we’re all about. I pay mind to our heritage, our tradition and our legacy members who are around and who may have departed, sadly, who helped us captain this ship; who laid out a map leading us to success and and principled greatness. And now some of us seem to be beholden to a toxic someone with one foot on a U-Haul gas pedal with a GPS aimed for Boca.

Donna Smirniotopoulos November 7, 2017 at 6:52 am

One of these things doesn’t belong here:
1. Toxic
2. Principled Greatness
3. Cavallo

Can you guess which one?

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