Duff seeks explanation from Eversource

State Sen. Bob Duff.

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:


Senate Majority Leader Duff & Sen. Osten Seek Examination of Eversource’s Storm Response


Hartford, CT- Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) and Senator Cathy Osten (D-Sprague) today wrote to the leaders of the General Assembly’s Energy and Technology Committee asking that they convene an informational public forum to examine Eversource Energy’s seeming lack of proper storm preparedness and lack of a quick, effective storm response in advance of and following the damaging windstorm of October 29-30 which left more than 100,000 Connecticut residents in the dark for multiple days – particularly residents of eastern Connecticut.

“Once again, too many customers were left in the dark without adequate communication from Eversource,” said Senator Duff. “To make matters worse, residents of New Hampshire received automated telephone updates regarding power restoration efforts in Connecticut and vice versa. I believe that a review of Eversource’s storm response is particularly warranted in light of Eversource’s new request of state regulators to approve a three-year, $336.8 million rate increase for the company, which would raise the average Connecticut consumer’s electricity bill by 6.8%.”

“A review by the Energy and Technology Committee is necessary to ensure that the state, utilities and municipalities are following the 42 pages of recommendations of the Two Storm Panel, which I served on six years ago,” Sen. Osten said. “Reviews of natural disaster responses should occur on a regular basis here in Connecticut.”

In recent years, Senate Democrats led passage of storm response legislation requiring the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to study and then establish minimum performance standards for emergency preparation and response for every electric company and gas company in Connecticut. These standards addressed:

  • Minimum staffing and equipment levels for outage planning and restoration (linemen, technicians, etc)
  • Targets for recovery and restoration of service based on the proportion of affected customers
  • Mutual aid agreements with out-of-state companies to bring in surplus workers as needed
  • Communication between utilities and customers, including during non-business hours, and to notify the public of service restoration estimates and dangerous conditions
  • Communication between and amongst utilities and government officials
  • Tree-trimming practices to reduce outages due to fallen limbs
  • Safety standards for employees of each utility, mutual aid crews and private contractors

Noncompliance with PURA’s performance standards could result in penalties of up to 2.5 percent of an electric or gas company’s annual distribution revenue, approximately $25 million in the case of Connecticut Light & Power. The penalties would be assessed as a credit on customer bills, and would not be recoverable by the utilities through increased rates.


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Bryan Meek November 11, 2017 at 8:54 am

While you are at it Bob, since you and the Governor have created this oversight body that has done nothing but see our rates explode to the highest in the country, can you ask them why they approved the $55 million rebranding from CL&P that is passed on to us in our bills?

Also, why did you vote to give each of the 5 commissioners a $8k raise to $145k a year?

And can you find out the exact job duties of these 5 commissioners that cost us over $1 million a year in salaries and benefits?

Also can you explain to us why 2 of the 3 current commissioners have no actual utility background, rather they are former elected state representatives?

Last, can you tell us how many of our agencies are headed up by politicians drawing six figure plus salaries that don’t actually have any experience in the fields that they are in charge of watching over?



Rick November 11, 2017 at 10:22 am

Good Morning Nancy

Morning Bob , thank you Mr Meek.

This was something to wake up to this was nice to wake uo to this morning it looks like https://eversource.pissedconsumer.com/complaints/RT-P.html.

Let me help you Bob understand Norwalks priorities while using your formula.

First off an accident in front of Fiesta Mexico this morning . it was two cars that had to be towed yet the police log shows just a medical emergency .This will become important down the road indulge me Bob we know your checking to see what we say about your comic strip.

“To make matters worse, residents of New Hampshire received automated telephone updates regarding power restoration efforts in Connecticut and vice versa.

In defense of those who have moved to Nh and cant sell their home going to closings with bank checks I say they still need to know how their homes are doing. Some figures now cite 800 people leaving Ct a week.

I agree standards should be set how about the ones closer to home in your city Bob our city Bob.

Minimum levels of staffing and equipment for our first responders need a standard otherwise the city pays every night for overtime. and will buy equipment at above cost not able top make a deal when its needed asap.

Targets for policing are maintained based on crime and need to have a police maintain the entire city. Last night at the phantom MVA no outside community would or could provide a Spanish speaking officer the crowd said last night ,so the accounts fleeing suspects and the injured were without a voice for a while.

Couple of hours at Waypoint last night hurt community policing maybe some more money for the taxpayers we have no more to absorb the cost of growing, some money to the BOE may be next its amazing how nay kids you can put into a two bedroom .

Mutual aid among police depts stretched because of the state budget should be addressed. By you Bob.

Communication between the city departments and city hall should improve your expertise Bob show us your stuff.

direst communication between local responders and the MTA do not exist Sgt McKenna was a friend for over 15 years used to say a tomato can and string between cruisers would of been better than what was available.It was and still is dispatcher to dispatcher then back to the cruisers from two agencies to exchange info sometimes time sensitive.

Those local people in city hall was good in case of rail emergencies but they were civilians relying on professionals to direct them was poor. Today the press with hand held scanners have more going for them then depts with the same equipment less the motivation to get it right.

Safety and the use of Narcon lets help Norwalk get it right we have professionals locked out of delivering critical care based on leadership in the depts some suggest its time to fill positions with qualified heads of depts.

Back to help from you Bob Im familiar with your letters to your counterparts in DC they seem to have lost your communications on Firetree but here is something you can help us with

By: Ana Radelat | November 10, 2017

WASHINGTON – The Senate decided to go its own way in overhauling the nation’s tax code, and it’s plan would have a different impact on Connecticut taxpayers than a similar House bill. One big change is that Connecticut homeowners would no longer be able to deduct their property taxes on their federal returns.

If this doesn’t work for you I have from Jake Kara from the Mirror reporting

Central Connecticut State University researchers released their third annual statewide report Thursday that identified seven Connecticut police departments for further study because of racial or ethnic disparities in their traffic stop patterns.

The departments are Berlin, Monroe, Newtown, Norwich, Ridgefield, Darien and State Police Troop B in North Canaan.

In these jurisdictions, minority drivers were more likely to be stopped during daylight hours than at night. The assumption is that it’s generally easier to see a driver to determine their apparent race or ethnicity during the daytime. Applying this so-called “Veil of Darkness” analysis to Ridgefield, for example, researchers found Hispanic drivers were 2.5 times more likely to be stopped in daylight than at night.

I understand only Darien is in your district and troop G is our trooper home but with all the boasting over the years working with police depts how about this problem..

I have to admit the weigh station on 91 before Hartford has turned into the worst rest areas Ct has, its dangerous trucks are not there for compliance they need to rest somewhere and scales are usually closed , if you like I can pull the press you generated over a Eversource type press release on safety and scales run by the State police and with what 250 troopers lost in budget deals maybe its time to find money for public safety ,

trucks on the Merritt are also a problem they kill innocent drivers as far as I know Eversource hasn’t killed anyone yet.

Thank you Bob your I can always count on your insight to complex problems the ones i delivered today is the here and now looking into anything would give us all a feeling you care.

Im sure wiith the punch you have with Eversource after they stop laughing Norwalk will get a new power station using that gas you fought for years ago.

No doubt Bob you are the smart one Norwalk has in its corner.

Thank you Nancy as always providing us with updates we can run with is helping us understand how Hartford works .

Bill Dunne November 11, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Usual drivel from the Duffster.

By the way, Rick, who are you? You’d have more credibility if you weren’t hiding.

Rick November 12, 2017 at 1:35 pm

Im sorry Bill its Rick Reardon , Im the one who one day went to the pivot house while a crew was cleaning it out, former Ministers were friends of mine one ironically I grew up with.Saw blueprints on a table and the name was Firetree. No one in city hall would listen, three counselors Doug Rick and Bruce did listen.

I led the charge but take no credit for the work the 7 person self appointed demolition crew did great as they started pulling the Firetree aka apart. Later we were joined by others in Shore front park and south Norwalk

I found the Firetree plane in Va and followed the tail number , the FAA flight plans determined where they have been, then the work started with prison contracts it was obvious it wasn’t faith based.In fact Firetree hosted prison officials with their plane.

Notified publishers who have had run ins with Firetree they gave me a pass to all of their newsrooms to the editors once I told then what was going on in Norwalk . Last few article in PA came from a reporter from Springfield mass before moving to PA.

The city ignored us we had already gone to city hall sifted thru all the paperwork and copied all the smoking guns before the crap hit the fan . We received no help. Never have we met with counsel from Norwalk they too ignored us .When the Bob Barker grey prison furniture was delivered to quintard ave we all knew it was a game changer ,and no seem to care about the 80 years olds living on the street.

Then we went thru city hall meetings realizing our city wasn’t prepared they lacked leadership legal talent . Not from just Rilling but from all the others before him.Mr Conroy was the best he ran a great show was moved by the public input.Bruce Morris did say televise these meetings if they had the election may have been effected maybe not the outcome but the education would of been better of what the problems are iin the city when the big meeting happens to unite.

I am sure we will lose something in court Im sure the property values will stay at a loss of 100,000 on most homes on the street more on Shore front park no matter what the outcome is, the lock down facility with a complete physke ward on the entire second floor has been built.

The rest of the info thank Nancy for she has given me a platform to spew volumes on , as a true Democrat growing up with true Republicans i learned both parties have some great members I take offense to those who think they are great politicians.

We have to thank Nancy , both her and I walked many of the same paths in another life , I became a thorn in 12s side and Hearst before that Gannet and made friends with the newsrooms.

Im a numbers person and most things in Norwalk just don’t add up, made some great friends while in Norwalk have a ton of respect for those who run a hard line against ignorance and they themselves have common sense and not the store bought kind.

If there was a hall of fame for those in Norwalk not elected or appointed but involved it would filled with honest dedicated taxpayers where city hall has become a second home.They fight for the under dog they seek outcomes long overdue. They don,t seek the spotlight they seek justice denied.

Thanks Bill for asking but those who actually know me its my delivery and spelling that keeps me at bay . I give dictionaries away and pass along facts and contacts that not even city hall has when I see deceit employed against taxpayers. Studies with no vision or lack common sense .

No one needs my input just look it up, search engines are the future read Wall st and keep tuning in on Nancy she is the one woman band (yes there is that reference term on file). We laugh at the past I use to chase her away from crime scenes in bad areas , she never left until she got her shot or kid her about shooting dear in village creek with her camera of course.

Bill I am fan as well your not a lightweight your in the Hall as well, maybe someday the city will find you a chair.You like many deserve one.

There are those better off not admitting they know me ,its too late for Nancy i trust it wont hurt her credibility.

Donna Smirniotopoulos November 12, 2017 at 6:18 pm

Rick, you are a rock solid citizen, always motivated to do the right thing, even if it’s not the popular, easy or convenient thing. While most are content to look the other way, you dig in. And we are all better off for it.

Rick November 13, 2017 at 2:01 pm

It was a journey most of us knew no one who lived here after waving and nodding to others who walked their kids parents and dogs on the street for years, now we are a tight knit neighborhood , but lets not say much Donna the city will think it takes a tragedy or oversight at city hall to happen to credit themselves with building strong neighborhoods

Thank you Donna we are still at war long after the election , With that the redevelopment agency will destroy the zoning and quality of life and take credit for building strong and united neighborhoods and take grant money for for failure on their part.

Norwalk has such a reputation that Firetree moved in next to the city offices in the same building on water st as the development agency, a true way of blending in next to an agency with keys to the city. In hindsight they also used rents on condos on water st claiming that was expense as well they have loss.

Good news was they came from Pa and cherry picked valuables before the IRS tagged it as assets , another story that wii no doubt be a winner.

With all the talk about how many people were going into the prison half way house , those who counted the beds and lockers going in never noticed the low number of inmates, the food vendor in Darien that had the contract to deliver food to the half way house also confirmed the city had no clue , why we were shut out of a court case where e held the facts us still a mystery.

and the 30 year police officer from Darien hired to run the half way house no one in Norwalk knew was a joke , your a cop for over 30 years next to Norwalk hard to believe no one knew each other from the departments.

We had so much data so many smoking guns no one ever thought we would be ignored by those we pay at city hall.

To those who do travel water st the tide now has new water mark on the street since Day st was dug up and very good coverup by the city after finding problems on day st. This will obviously be another smoking gun uncovered in time when the truth surfaces. They sent cameras up the pipe on Dat st hired many people to find problems and then after all that dug it up, Talk about throwing good money away , but its Norwalk where blank checks litter the floor.

set the record straight

That bounty on PA license plates offered to the kids in the neighborhood wasn’t my idea , I think the PD caught on when they tagged Firetree vehicles with no plates,. I guess that wants happens when you mess with kids that have parents from the 60s , have to admit that was funny.

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