Hempstead survives recount to become only Republican on next Common Council

Common Councilman Doug Hempstead (R-At Large). (File photo)

NORWALK, Conn. — Doug Hempstead’s win in the District D Common Council race was affirmed Monday.

A recount narrowed the margin between the Republican veteran and Democratic challenger William Pappa but Hempstead still came out ahead, Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said.

The results before Monday’s recount were

  • George Tsiranides, D 1,804
  • Doug Hempstead, R 1,709
  • William Pappa, D 1,694
  • Shannon O’Toole Giandurco, R 1,530


The recount changed this slightly:

  • George Tsiranides, D 1,802
  • Doug Hempstead, R 1,705
  • William Pappa, D 1,693
  • Shannon O’Toole Giandurco, R 1,530


Hempstead will be the only Republican on the 15-member Council, with every other member part of the Democratic caucus.

Tsiranides was endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee but was listed as Republican when he was appointed to the Planning Commission last year. He’s never been registered as a Democrat and is not a Democrat now, Wells, said last week.

Neither Tsiranides nor Pappa have ever run for office before.

Hempstead said last week that in his many years on the Council, he’s never been the sole member of a party.

At least there will be no discussions over who gets to be minority leader, no internal fighting over who gets to be on which Committee – technically, he’ll have to be on all of them, he said.

“Maybe he should switch parties,” Assistant to the Mayor Laoise King said. “We like Doug, we’d take him.”


Mike Ward November 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm

” It should not be aloud (sic) to have the council one party either or, it should be split.”

That, Al Bore is democracy at work in a small city. This is not Congress or the equally incompetent state house. This is a small city and all the candidates had something to bring to the table to better Norwalk including the un-endorsed candidates like Steve Serasis and Lisa Brinton.

The voters in 5 districts chose their 2 candidates plus the 5 At Large candidates chosen by the entire electorate of registered voters. Sorry if you don’t like the outcome. There are some great GOP council members that were voted out but that is life in politics. Doug Hempstead will continue to do good work not for his party but for the city.

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