Norwalk mayoral candidates reveal last-minute campaign fundraising totals

From left, Democratic incumbent Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling; Republican challenger Andy Conroy, unaffiliated petitioning candidate Lisa Brinton Thomson and petitioning candidate State Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140).

The election is Nov. 7.

Updated 3:41 p.m.: Copy edit, additional information. Updated, 3 p.m.: Morris info.

NORWALK, Conn. – Mayor Harry Rilling has raised more than $150,000 in his drive to be reelected to a third term.

His competitors trail far behind.

According to papers filed in the town clerk’s office on Tuesday, Republican candidate Andy Conroy as raised $3,685 from individuals, $1,025 of that since Oct. 1. “Other monetary receipts” put another $1,500 in the coffers during the time period, for a total of $10,204.82; Conroy has contributed to his campaign.

Unaffiliated petitioning candidate Lisa Brinton Thomson has raised $18,738 from individuals, $5,210 of that since Oct. 1. Total monetary receipts were reported as $21,076.15. Brinton Thomson has paid $4,986.94 of the campaign expenses, according to the documents.

Candidates are required by law to submit records of their campaign fundraising activities seven days before the election, which was Tuesday. Although NancyOnNorwalk went into the town clerk’s office about 1.5 hours before it closed on Wednesday, the filing for State Rep. Bruce Morris (D-140) was not made available, after several requests.

The documents were in Town Clerk Rick McQuaid’s office, an assistant said. Morris was reportedly in the office as the afternoon came to a close; McQuaid said they were discussing absentee ballots.

Morris had raised $21,998.01 as of Oct. 1. That filing appeared to be missing pages; there were multiple pages marked “page 3 of 17.”

On Thursday, NancyOnNorwalk obtained the filing. Morris raised 23,382.97 since Oct. 1, most of it from people who do not live in Norwalk.

An amendment was filed with the town clerk on Wednesday afternoon. Blank pages had been left out of the report, McQuaid said, explaining that although they contain no information, they are required by law to be included in the report.

The Rilling campaign had $45,405.70 on hand at the beginning of the reporting period, Oct. 1.  It raised $8,690 from individual donors since then, and reports raising $126,195 from individuals over the course of the campaign. Total monetary receipts are $154,595. Balance on hand at the end of the period was $4,171.24.

The Rilling campaign held a fundraiser on Oct. 10 in Bridgeport at the offices of Pullman & Comley, a legal firm. Donations from people working at Pullman & Comley total $1,950 in this reporting period.

Attorney Andrew Glickson of Pullman & Comley was hired by the Redevelopment Agency more than a year ago to assist in the Transit Oriented Design district. Pullman & Comley has also done work for the Board of Education.

Brinton Thomson’s campaign received money from notable Republicans Peter Nolin, former Corporation Counsel, and Ernie DesRochers, who is running to represent District E on the Common Council. They have not donated to the Conroy campaign.



Friends of Rilling

  • Balance on hand at beginning of period, $45,405.70
  • Contributions from individuals this quarter $8,690
  • Contributions from individuals entire campaign $126,195
  • Expenses paid by committee $51,774.46  ($150,423.76 total)
  • Balance on hand at close of reporting period $4,171.24


$1,000 donors

  • Patricia Jurgielewicz. Sedona Group Vice President


$500 donors

  • Pamela Goldie-Morrison
  • Carolyn Van Newkirk of Windsor
  • David Jurgielewicz of Easton
  • Alan Webber of Fairfield (M.F. DiScala Chief Financial Officer; $1,000 total donation)
  • Jennifer Morawski of Monroe, Sedona Group (Sedona Group is a division of Norwalk developer M.F. Discala, “focused on managing the company’s entire portfolio of properties” per the company’s web site.)
  • Gino Vona of Fairfield


$335 donor

  • James Hines of Westport, a Norwalk firefighter


$250 donors

  • Deborah King of Long Island City
  • Gary O’Connor of Woodbury, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • Andrew Glickson, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • Adam Mocciolo of Fairfield, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • James Shearin of Newtown, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • Marie Phelan of Killingworth, attorney with Pullman & Comley


$200 donors

  • Ingrid Deane
  • Michael Andreana of Unionville, attorney with Pullman & Comley


$150 donors

  • Patricia Russo
  • Stephen Shyn


$100 donors

  • Michael Mulvehill
  • Michael Frengs of Stamford
  • Martin O’Marra
  • Fortunato Capomolla
  • Frank Peloso of Easton
  • Anthony Gaglio of Stamford, Viking Construction
  • Marija Bryant
  • Nancy Hancock of Easton, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • Frank Cleary, Fairfield, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • Christopher McCormack of Trumbull, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • Michael Proctor of Sandy Hook, attorney with Pullman & Comley
  • Mark Sammaruga of Avon, listed as working at Pullman & Comley
  • Patsy Brescia
  • Eileen Kleban of Wilton,
  • Anthony Schwartz, attorney


$60 donor

  • Bill Ireland




Conroy for Mayor

  • Balance on hand at beginning of period $3,312.83
  • Contributions from individuals $1,025  ($3,685 total)
  • Other monetary receipts $1,500 ($6,518.82 total)
  • Subtotals $5,837.83
  • Expenses paid by committee $1,794.81  ($6,161.80 total)
  • Balance on hand at close of reporting period $4,043.02


$500 donor

  • Ellen Wink


$250 donor

  • State Rep. Fred Wilms (R-142)


$100 donors

  • Jeff Konspore
  • Common Council member Doug Hempstead


Lesser amounts

  • Richard Twoels of Westport $50
  • Colin Smith $25



Lisa for Norwalk

  • Balance on hand at beginning of period $12,067.85
  • Contributions from individuals $5,210  ($18,738)
  • Total monetary receipts $5,210  ($21,076.15 total)
  • expenses paid by committee $15,939.29 ($19,737.59 total)
  • Balance on hand at close of reporting period $1,338.56
  • Campaign expenses paid by candidate $582.95 ($4,986.94 total)
  • Expenses incurred by committee during this period not paid $1,025


$1,000 donors

  • Gloria Neaderland
  • Adolph Neaderland


$250 donors

  • Ellen Arsenault
  • Gina Legnani
  • Santo DeLallo
  • Jeanmarie DesRochers
  • Peter Nolin
  • Ernie DesRochers
  • John Brewer


$150 donor

  • George Hawes


$100 donors

  • Marion Fegeinbaum
  • Glenn Houck
  • Jennifer Matthews
  • John Flynn
  • Jeffrey Nelson
  • Richard Sanders of Wheaton
  • Julie Marion
  • Jerome Weller


$75 donor

  • Sarah Ritchey


$50 donors

  • Lisa Dunne
  • Sara Klein
  • Tracy Gibson
  • Louise Wang
  • Catherine Konstantin


$35 donor

  • Barry Manis


$25 donors

  • Any Pavia
  • Lauristan Avery
  • Tracy King
  • Trish Skidmore
  • Magee Aldrich
  • Lisa Baldwin


Morris is for us 

  • Balance on hand at beginning $12,895
    contributions from individuals $23,382.97
  • total monetary receipts $23,882.97
  • subtotals $36,777.97  ($34,370.84 total)
  • expenses paid by committee $16,790.83  ($11,510.03 total)
  • balance on hand at close of reporting period $8,477.11
  • total outstanding loan amount $6,000campaign expenses paid by candidate $8,463
  • expenses incurred by committee during this period not paid $17,916.89
  • total outstanding expenses $17,916.89

$1,000 donors

  • Stephen Kobelski of Bozrah
  • Katy Papadopoulos
  • Brackston Poitier of Hamden, Tri-con Construction manager
  • Albert Cabrel
  • Jasmine Sampson of New Haven, owner of the Lobster Hut in Hamden
  • Taitiana Dukes of Hamden, Piggyback Rides LLC
  • Serra Joseph of Middletown


$500 donors

  • Janeen Jar Reed
  • Michael Walsh of Millwood


$350 donor

  • George Bennetti of Bethany


$250 donors

  • David English of Weston
  • Kathleen Schlauensen of Greenwich
  • Susana Davies-Lopez of Greenwich
  • Crystal Ramsey
  • Kenny Matthews of Oakland Gardens, NY
  • Jay Mullarkey of Hartford, Ticket Network

$200 donors

  • Patrick Sullivan of Hartford
  • Mike Gavrielidis
  • Havrika Goodchild


$100 donors

  • Richard Lopes of New Britain
  • Michael Doyle of Storrs
  • Lonnie Reed of Brandford
  • Richard Conway of Berlin, a lobbyist
  • Jay Malcynsky of Chester, a lobbyist/attorney
  • Leroy Stainrod
  • Joleen Green
  • Kawana Jean-Pierce
  • Dewitt Stevens
  • Thomas Hudson
  • State Rep. Patricia Muller of Stamford
  • Eric Coleman of Bloomfield
  • Peter Tercyak of New Britain
  • Richard Balducci of Deep River
  • Micahel Rell of Wethersfield
  • Jane Murphy of West Hartford
  • Jeffrey Zyjeski of Avon, a lobbyist
  • Doris Oviedo
  • Keith McDonald of New Haven
  • Robert Burgess


$50 donors

  • Eric Fischman
  • Rosemary Lopez of Trumbull
  • David Rose of Westport

$45 donors

  • Angelo Wilkes


$25 donors

  • David Arconti of Danbury
  • Ainsworth McFarlane
  • William Krummel
  • Lois Rumble


$20 donors

  • Racquel Giddiens of Bridgeport
  • Albert Dancy


$10 donors

  • Pheonecia Wiggins


Debora Goldstein November 2, 2017 at 9:49 am


This line is incorrect:
Expenses incurred by committee during this period not paid $1,025

The report is clear:
Expenses incurred by committee during this period not paid $25

V November 2, 2017 at 10:26 am

Reading all of the out-of-towners thru the all the smoke for Rilling is kind of depressing. Does anyone in Norwalk actually donate to him as our mayor? If not, Why would anyone from Norwalk actually vote for someone who seems like a proxy for out-of-town developers?

Donna Smirniotopoulos November 2, 2017 at 10:37 am

Mayor Rilling’s impressive donor list of developers and business owners, most of whom live outside Norwalk, isn’t a smoking gun. It’s a bonfire. Impossible to imagine that these donors—who are not giving similarly to Rilling’s opponents, have anything other in mind than the desire to buy influence at City Hall.

Education101 November 2, 2017 at 12:05 pm

It is refreshing to see developers and business owners support this mayor and somewhat disingenuous and offensive to imply Mayor Rilling would somehow subordinate the interests of the city’s residents ahead of corporate interests. I guess sign of times where business is the enemy.

Donna Smirniotopoulos November 2, 2017 at 7:47 pm

Education101, it is more offensive to suggest there’s something wrong with following the campaign money trail. This is a democracy. It’s not a plutocracy. It’s not an oligarchy. Special favors are the hallmark of cronyism. Those who are proud to support the mayor anonymously are equally quick to decry the suggestion of impropriety with a huffy “well I never”. Maybe you never but most of the rest of us have. Money and politics are notorious bedfellows.

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