Norwalk Tomorrow wants your opinion, Nov. 18

A drafted logo for the Norwalk Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) effort.

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

City Invites Public Input For Citywide Plan

Visioning Forum To Be Held November 18


Norwalk, CT (November 8, 2017)  – The City of Norwalk invites Norwalk residents, visitors and other stakeholders to share their vision for the city’s future at a public forum on Saturday morning, November 18. The forum will guide the Citywide Plan, the state-required 10-year plan, also known as the Plan of Conservation & Development. The Vision Forum will be held on Saturday, November 18, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School, 300 Highland Avenue.  The City is looking for input from everyone who has a stake in Norwalk’s future, whether you’ve lived in Norwalk all your life or set down roots here in recent years. 

        All residents and their families are invited to attend the November 18th event where they will have the opportunity to talk to each other about their city—what they want to preserve, what should change, and what kind of city they want to be in the coming decades. Participants will be seated in small groups and activities will include viewing maps and exhibits about Norwalk today, sharing individual visions for the city, and discussions to identify the most important priorities for the future.  Participants will also be able to comment on several other plans currently being prepared for the city, including neighborhood plans for West Avenue and Wall Street, and a citywide parking study.  Refreshments will be served and there will be raffle prizes by local restaurants and retail stores. More details are available on Facebook.

       During 2017-2018, Norwalk will be updating its citywide 10-year plan under the sponsorship of the Planning Commission. This plan integrates priorities for everything from housing and economic development to transportation, land use, and sustainability, and includes an action-oriented implementation plan.

Several other plans are also underway in Norwalk and will be coordinated with the Citywide Plan in an overall planning initiative called Norwalk Tomorrow. The Redevelopment Agency is preparing neighborhood plans for West Avenue and Wall Street, and the Norwalk Parking Authority is conducting a citywide parking study. Key to the City’s planning process is this coordination of efforts between multiple departments and agencies to allow for plans to be integrated, improving efficiencies and resulting in more effective plans. The public forum is a critical element, providing a single place for citizens to gather, and learn about and provide input into these plans.

            “As we develop this 10-year plan, we are expanding ways to reach a larger group of stakeholders than ever before,” says Norwalk mayor Harry Rilling. “The Vision Forum on the 18th is one of the many ways we are gathering input from people that live, work and visit the city on their hopes and ideas for its future.”

            In addition to the Vision Forum, the City has an online survey and is launching a new website tomorrow.norwalkct.org. At the website, the public can find out more about the various planning efforts, sign up for updates, as well as share their ideas and ask questions via surveys and comment sections.  A variety of other opportunities for the public to get involved such as smaller, more focused meetings and forums, surveys and other digital events will be available in the winter and spring of 2018.

This press release was posted as a public service. A press release is a written announcement submitted to news organizations to publicize an event or activity, a milestone or a point of view. NancyOnNorwalk has not researched the assertions made and takes no responsibility for the content.


Rick November 11, 2017 at 1:48 am

How about some fact, foreclosures bankruptcy failed mall owners and very large buildings plans along with massive demolition news hours after the election all over the city how in the hell can our opinion matter at this point.

Lets be serious the city is screwed no matter who won its all going down as the worst month Norwalk has had in years.

Even the Hour cant pull off a positive story at his point.

Norwalk Parking Authority is conducting a citywide parking study.

Thank God Stantec isnt doing it they just screwed NY out of some big money on a study that cost NY millions due to rookie work for the Big Apple. Ny suggests not having qualified people working on the study hurt the State. Anyone care to argue this?

A ten year plan ? Can we do week at a time , that seems to be more realistic considering the bad news The Hour has given us since the election has been some street justice.

The Hour

NORWALK — The general contractor in the Wall Street Theater renovation has filed a foreclosure claim seeking, among other things, “immediate possession of the property

The Hour

Dolce Norwalk has been on the market for several months. A $22.5 million CBMS instrument linked to the property is listed as being under foreclosure.

The Hour

Wilson Point property is currently in the midst of foreclosure mediation between the owner, who still owes roughly $3 million on the property, and the bank. The next mediation court date is set for Nov. 27.

The mall take your pick now Simon may be the new owner instead of Brookfield

This from the wall st Journal late October

General Electric is readying to cut thousands of corporate workers, according to the Wall Street Journal, with the conglomerate having a major corporate office in Norwalk after having moved 200 Fairfield executives and staff last year to a new headquarters in Boston.

Lets not forget The Doubletree Norwalk’s revenues fell 6 percent in 2016 to $9.3 million, with an occupancy rate of 63.7 percent in May and a debt-service coverage ratio “well below breakeven” in the words of Trepp.

Has it gone to foreclosure yet? I bet it has

Norwalk is busy seeking business to come to Norwalk ,what is Norwalk banking no one reads Norwalk news

Obviously its not Norwalk today the vision right now sucks.

Adolph Neaderland November 11, 2017 at 11:54 am

Norwalk’s disjointed administrative organization doesn’t seem to be able to function in a creative, cooperative, forward thinking manner.

A Redevelopment Plan and a Parking Plan study before the POCD is finished???

Is that “Planning”?

As a current example, Redevelopment has submitted plans for a multi storied residential set of buildings for Water Street that completely blocks the Harbor view from any buildings behind it, present or future!

Is this creative urban planning for the future?

We have a unique opportunity to create a viable harbor “habitat”, with low to high rise structures starting at the bottom to capitalize on our singularly beautiful river and harbor.

But no, what has been proposed is a cookie cutter replica of the pedestrian architecture built on West Avenue!

With little or no thought of a more creative future for the area.

Enough already, let’s get more creative,longer range thinking into the process rather than single,knee jerk developer proposals.

Let’s take charge for a change and really consider the Norwalk of Tomorrow.

Adolph Neaderland

Donna Smirniotopoulos November 11, 2017 at 12:21 pm

Using the Norwalk Tomorrow logo as inspiration, the city should issue each citizen a box of Crayola 64 crayons to map out our future.

Debora Goldstein November 15, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Greetings Neighborhoods,

In case you were wondering what this is all about…it’s about your city’s future. It’s services, it’s development, it’s natural resources, it’s ability to thrive.

Leaving aside the logo and the tagline…this is the once in a decade, state-mandated development of a new MASTER PLAN aka the PLAN OF CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT aka the POCD!

This is the blueprint for what you want your city to be.
Too much retail over there? Let them know.
Too few seats in your elementary school? Let them know.
Paying too much for parking downtown? Let them know.
Too much industry abutting your residential neighborhood? Let them know.
Out of towners filling up the parking lots in your parks? Let them know.
Think ambulance response times are too long? Let them know.
Hate odors coming out of the Waste Water Treatment Plant? Let them know.
Need a boys and girls club near you? Let them know.
Want more water-based recreation in the harbor? Let them know.
Want to be a tourist hub? Let them know.
Want to be a bedroom community to NYC? Let them know.

You get the drift. Any of the topics below could be up for discussion with respect to YOUR neighborhood and the parts of the city YOU visit.

Housing (affordable? more apartments? less apartments? density?)
Office space (incubators? high-speed municipal broadband? Small businesses? Large corporate companies?)
Industrial (small manufacturing? other industry? clean energy? military?)
Redevelopment (enough already? great job? new approach?)
Coastal waterways (recreational? Industry? Beauty? Energy sources? Natural resource?)
Inland waterways (accessible? Polluted? Wildlife haven?)
Aquifers (drink well water? Drought-planning? Contamination?)
Sanitary sewers (properly maintained? Good job? Sewer taxes?)
Solid Waste (more garbage pickups? Bulky waste? Electronic recycling? Yard waste? Location of waste centers?)
Hazardous materials (Ease of legal disposal? Attention to illegal disposal? Enough testing of known hot spots?)
Sustainability (Recycling in schools, city buildings? Purchasing policies? Density vs demand on services? Pollution?)
Air Quality (Air pollution, noise pollution? Idling cars or buses? Poorly timed stoplights? Poorly designed roadway features?)
Utilities (High-speed municipal broadband? cable/satellite companies? more or less cell towers? Water? Electricity? Phones? Other?)
Land Conservation (Preserving enough? Preserving too much? Is it usable?)
Recreation (Using parks? Right services? Indoor recreation? Is it priced right? Located appropriately?)
Trails & Bikeways (More or less? Safe? Connected? Pleasant to use?)
Public buildings (Accessible? Useful? Attractive? Where are they?)
Schools (Crowded? Missing services? Safe? Accessible?)
Police (More precincts? Enforcement issues? Public safety heroes?)
Fire (Response times? Effectiveness? Locations? Hydrants?)
EMS/Ambulance (Response times? Narcan? Adequate equipment? Locations?)
Public Health (Programs? Communications? Accessibility? Crisis response?)
Cultural Facilities (Concerts? Miss the museum? Educational tie-ins?)
Library System (More buildings? Programs? Accessible? Parking? E-library? Hours? Meeting rooms?)
Historic Preservation (Adequate? New opportunities? Funding?)
Transit (Buses available? Shuttles better? Parking near trains? Taxi networks? Uber?)
Traffic Management (Too much? Too fast? Too slow? Too noisy? Stacking? Danger spots?)
Bridges (Maintenance? Character? Historical? Danger spots? Runoff?)
Parking (Enforcement? Cost? Requirements for business? On street? Access?)
Governance (Charter Revision? Budget practices? Commissions? Oversight? Citizen engagement? Transparency? Customer service?)
Zoning (Density? Types? Loose language in the code? Special permit requirements? Agrees with planning and POCD?)
Urban Design (Arts district? Special Services districts? Village districts? Neighborhood character/history? Mixed use?)
Enforcement (Quality of life? Overstressed resources? Funding? Fairness?)

Bottom line is that there is no wrong way to approach the forum. You should come prepared to think about the things that matter to you and be prepared to speak about them in a constructive way. All this input will lead to better results. Bring your “Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda” list and participate!

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