NPS AT redesign team begins work

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Academically Talented and Gifted Redesign Committee Starts Work



Norwalk, Conn. (November 3, 2017) – The newly formed Academically Talented (AT) and Gifted Redesign Committee launched on October 25. The goal of the redesign, which is part of the Norwalk Public Schools 2016-2019 Strategic Operating plan, is to develop a modern, innovative program for gifted students utilizing an evidence-based national model and highly trained staff. 

The redesign team will examine all aspects of an exemplary program and study successful models such as the Renzulli school-wide enrichment model. Consultants from the University of Connecticut Neag School of Education will work closely with the redesign committee, which is composed of parents, principals and administrators from the district, as well as a student. For a complete list of team members visit norwalkps.org.

“We are eagerly working to develop a strategic method to identify academically talented students, and an elevated curriculum that will support gifted students while positioning Norwalk as one of the strongest districts in the state for gifted education,” said NPS Chief of Specialized Learning and Student Services Yvette Goorevitch.

The redesign committee is scheduled to meet six times during the fall and winter. Recommendations for redesign in identification, assessment, program implementation, and measures of effectiveness will be presented to the superintendent and Board of Education in early 2018.


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