NPS rolls out app to allow anonymous bullying reports

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The New “Tip Line” App Reflects NPS Commitment To Combat Bullying And Safety Threats


Norwalk, Conn. (November 16, 2017) – Norwalk Public Schools will roll out a new bullying and safety reporting mobile app called Anonymous Alerts in the next several weeks. The app allows NPS high school and middle school students, parents and school personnel to anonymously report bullying, safety concerns, student depression, drug and alcohol issues, family problems, or other situations that may warrant immediate attention by school officials.

The Anonymous Alerts app can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Google Chrome Store. After downloading the Anonymous Alerts app, students, parents or other school personnel can click to open it, and then enter “norwalkps” as the username and password. Students, parents or other school personnel can also visit the Norwalk Public Schools website and click on the “Anonymous Alerts” button to report an incident. Posters explaining how to use the app will also be displayed throughout the schools.

All reports remain completely anonymous, although submitters have the option to reveal their identity if they prefer. A screenshot or photo may also be included in the submission. The system will be operational during school between the hours of 7am and 5pm. Reports sent after 5pm will be answered on the next scheduled school day. All imminent emergencies should be directed to the Norwalk Police Department by dialing 911. NPS adheres to the Conn. General Statute for Bullying: 10-222d.

While Norwalk Public Schools encourages students to contact a teacher, school administrator, psychologist or counselor with any issues first, the new app is an option for students or parents who want to communicate anonymously.

“School safety is a priority across the district. This new app will empower our students to come forward without fear of retribution by their peers. By receiving incident reports from students, we can apply resources quickly to avert potential safety issues,” said NPS School Preparedness Coordinator Joe Rios.

“We are honored and excited to partner with Norwalk Public Schools. We are proud to work with their students, parents, and schools to help increase the flow of information about bullying, school safety, and other urgent concerns with our simple to-use mobile applications for students,” said T. Gregory Bender, President and CEO of Anonymous Alerts, LLC.


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Lori Keegan November 17, 2017 at 2:06 pm

I want to begin by saying how happy this makes me. Ever since the suicide of Bart Palosz from Greenwich, I have been to numerous BoE meetings speaking on behalf of school bullying. Thank you so much Frank Costanzo, Brenda Wilcox Williams, BoE members in adopting this for our students. Everyone should feel safe and included at school. Also thank you to Dr. Lynne Moore, Principal at WRMS who always implements inclusion among her students.

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