Opinion: Norwalk ACTS director’s weekly shout outs

Anthony Allison

Anthony Allison is the executive director of Norwalk ACTS.

Shout Out to the leaders of our city for developing Norwalk Tomorrow, an open and transparent process that gives the entire community — residents, educators, business owners, employees, visitors and city officials — a voice and a chance to bring their ideas and experience to a discussion around Norwalk’s future.
Norwalk ACTS’ mission focuses on improving the lives of Norwalk’s children and youth, and the Norwalk Tomorrow’s online survey provides an important platform to share ideas and establish priorities on behalf of our children. We can all affect the city’s Master plan and contribute to how the city will be governed, developed and shaped over the next decade.
Shout Out to Danbury-based Praxair for providing The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk with a grant to create the Praxair STEM Lab, a classroom equipped for STEM education. The classroom is one of the primary spaces used when visiting school groups participate in one of the Aquarium’s 37 available educational programs, ranging from 45-minute animal “touch” programs for preschoolers to 90-minute shark dissections for high school students. Norwalk schools receive free Aquarium admission when visiting as a class.

According to an Aquarium spokesman, “The Praxair grant further strengthens our STEM-based, standards-achieving educational programming that’s available to students from Norwalk and throughout the tri-state area.”  Participants in the Aquarium’s summer camps will also now experience the Praxair STEM Lab during their explorations and discoveries.

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