Park offers kayak guidebook for free

(Photo by David Park)

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:




The PDF file of the guidebook, “Kayaking in and around the Norwalk Islands” is available to individuals for personal use for free.

The book was written in 2009 by East Norwalk resident and avid kayaker David Park, and was updated three times to the final 2013 4th edition. The book is out-of-print and no longer available for sale at retailers or online.

The guidebook, complete with color photos, includes information on where to launch, navigation, kayaking the three local rivers, coastal and offshore kayaking, kayaking safety, island wildlife including osprey, and island history. It includes detailed descriptions of all the islands, including islands that are owned by the towns of Norwalk and Westport and open to the public for camping and day trips, islands that are private, and islands that are part of the Stewart B. McKinney Wildlife Refuge. Kayaking in Westport and Darien is also included.

The Norwalk Islands are considered the jewel of Norwalk and has become a destination of out-of-area kayakers as well as local residents who have taken up the recreational sport. The islands sit about one mile offshore and stretch approximately four nautical miles from west to east into Westport, and is home to the Historic Sheffield Island Lighthouse, and the Greens Ledge and Peck Ledge lighthouses.

To receive your free PDF file of the guidebook, send an email with your full name and street address to [email protected] with the subject line, “KAYAKING NORWALK ISLANDS” and please note that the file is copyrighted and may not be sold to other parties over the internet, or printed and sold in any form to other parties. It is for your personal use only and may be shared with family and friends at no charge. For any further questions or requests on the use of the book (PDF file), please send an email to the same address.

Stay safe and have fun on your kayaking adventure!

(Photo by David Park)


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