Why not Lisa?

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It’s time for something new for Norwalk. Harry Rilling has had a good career in Norwalk and long run earning his living in the city. We are grateful for his service but it’s time for Mayor Rilling to move on. Let’s get some fresh air flowing through Norwalk City Hall.
Why not Lisa? She’s raised a family here and has been a tireless volunteer and advocate for all Norwalk school children and the community at large. Lisa is not beholden to any special interests groups, real estate developers, city bureaucrats or any other ingrained institutions or groups.
Let’s try something new, Norwalk is tired and the residents are exhausted from the city’s lack of vision, inadequate / subjective zoning staff and indiscernible zoning regs constantly subject to interpretation (aka lawsuits).

Let’s have a woman lead the charge in Norwalk for a change. We all know that more of the same old is good for a few but not the rest of us.

Why not Lisa?

Suzanne Marion Hammer


Donna Smirniotopoulos November 4, 2017 at 10:57 am

Smart, experienced, capable, committed and tough. Strong on education, having worked closely within the schools and with the BOE for over a decade. Strong on Charter Revision. As far as anyone can tell, she’s the only mayoral candidate who’s read it. Strong on the need to beef up enforcement and make Norwalk easier to do business with. Strong on the need to make government function transparently. These are qualities we need in a mayor, and Lisa is the only candidate who has all of these qualities, plus the drive to professionalize city government and look out for the interests of Norwalk Citizens FIRST before developers and unions.

Piberman November 4, 2017 at 11:18 am

The only new idea in City politics in recent decades calls for a Professional City Mgr. as have most American cities. Everyone who wants lower City taxes from a mere cost conscious local government ought come aboard.

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