Keep your eyes on the prize

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This Black History Month, I have been motivated to honor the struggle of our Black History through a four-part writing series.

This first piece is a reminder to African Americans and also anyone fighting against oppression to “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.” For those who are fighting; it is a truth that the battles are many and the struggle is never-ending. As we get buried in the struggle or as we get diverted away from the struggle, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and goal(s). So in this piece, there is a call for those of the struggle to lift their heads and regain a glimpse of the prize.

Promises, threats, torture attempts, etc. may sometimes toss us astray but there is always a time to regroup and that time is now. As the song says, “we fought jail and violence too…but God’s love has seen us through. Keep your eyes on the prize. Hold on.”

Equality and justice for ALL (even the oppressed) are some ideals the Civil Rights struggle of this country and world have been built upon. As we go forward, let us not think of only ourselves but of the good for ALL. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

Phaedrel (Faye) Bowman


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