Taxpayers creating jobs in wealthy Wilton

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Connecticut faces a $200 million budget deficit as Gov. Malloy winds down his term. But that hasn’t prevented the Governor from awarding ASML in Wilton – one of the States’ wealthiest towns – some $14 million plus $6 million in potential tax credits – to expand with another 500 jobs. That comes to about $30,000 per job.

Never mind that the State faces another $4 billion budget deficit  beginning in 2019. Its economy remains unable to regain pre-2008 Recession employments despite a vigorous national economic recovery and housing boom. A stagnant State economy still reeling from the Governor’s two historic tax hikes in 2011 and 2015. And a well documented exodus of jobs, firms and residents (20,000 yearly).

Never mind our desperate shortfall in transportation funds and prospects of a whole string of new taxes to cover the newly emerging $200 million State deficit. Never mind that our severely depressed major cities are woefully short of funds to cover basic needs such as public school funding and essential social services.
Gov. Malloy has no problem subsidizing several hundred new jobs in one of the State’s wealthiest towns with State Democrats vigorously endorsing such “forward looking” tax subsidies. Connecticut already has a national reputation as the nation’s poster child for fiscal mismanagement on a scale rarely seen together with a truly stagnating economy.
Yet the Governor is concerned about creating jobs in a wealthy town.
Anyone worried about Connecticut ever rebounding from its long standing inability to control spending and curb its woefully bloated public union sector comprising some 40% of the State budget can only genuflect on this latest undignified handout. Of course Democrats in Wilton are overjoyed. But the rest of us ought truly be concerned about the depths of fiscal and economic mismanagement to which Connecticut continues to endure.
The Governor’s actions are further hallmark of a failing State.
Peter I Berman


David February 11, 2018 at 9:28 am

With respect Mr. Berman, you appear to be speaking out both sides of the mouth here. You rail against jobs leaving the state and then complain when efforts are being kept to keep, and create, new jobs. ASML is a high tech manufacturing company – exactly the kind of company you want in state. I’ve never worked there, but from talking to those who know them, they pay well. Surely the types of jobs we want here – because 49 other states would like to compete for them.

You seem hung up on the Wilton aspect. Would it have been ok if asml was located in Bridgeport? New haven? I’m going to guess the 500 new employees won’t be all living in Wilton! Their high paying salaries will benefit the communities the new employees live in.

You have an argument to make, but in this instance I have to balance that argument with the potential headlines that go something like ‘another high tech company leaves connecticut’.

Charles Brennan February 11, 2018 at 1:41 pm

This has nothing to do with Wilton or Democrats. Mr Berman ypou should be happy a business is staying here and hiring 500 more employees. These people come from all over the state to work here. This location was Perkin-Elmer and has been at the same location since the 70’s. I don’t get your negativity. These are good news stories and they should be applauded.

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