Suppose we were serious about curbing gun violence?

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First question is whether we can really curb our gun violence epidemic with 300 million guns in circulation, 100 million of which are illegal. With severe penalties, say mandatory five or 10 year prison terms, we’d likely substantially reduce the illegals in circulation. Similarly the military style weapons which are only designed to kill people.

Second we need think about making guns a privilege, not a right. That would require federal registration, serious restrictions on ownership, e.g. no criminal records, mental instabilities, serious health and mental exams, training, etc. And we might want to reduce the tens of thousands of independent gun dealers many of whom have limited record keeping. Or stability.

Third, if we’re really serious we’d require photos and documented proof of safes used for storage. Guns are dangerous and need be safely stored when not used. Even well trained police officers are sometimes challenged to keep weapons locked up when off duty.

Fourth, we’d issue federal permits, not ones issued by states which vary a lot. That would curb the so called “highway gun trade,” where easily obtained guns are transferred over our nation’s highways to the more restrictive states.

Fifth, we’d take a serious interest in reducing the appalling gun violence routinely shown on TV and films. Is the gun toting cowboy of the traditional western really speaking for America? Ditto for War films.

Sixth, we’d completely restrict the sale of toy pistols and guns to our children. What kind of message does that send? Guns are designed to kill.

Seventh, we’d restrict entry to our schools with an armed guard and use metal detectors just like at our airports.

Eighth, we’d offer generous programs to buy back weapons. Suppose we offered $500 or even $1,000 per weapon. We’d likely eliminate several million weapons. Maybe many more. And if costs serious monies then they’d be well spent.

Ninth, impose substantial license/registration fees for owning guns or being permitted to carry them in order to cover the substantial costs of national registration and access. Obtaining an auto license isn’t cheap. Why not do better with guns designed to kill people ?

Tenth, greatly increase the penalties for bringing in guns into the country across our porous borders. The world is awash with guns. So the penalties need be commensurate.

Of course, any of these proposals would bring howls of protests from the tens of millions of gun owners across the nation. And not stand a chance. Which is precisely the point. When the politicians stop talking collectively we’re just not ready for serious reduction of our episodic gun violence that distinguishes America from the rest of the western world. We don’t let just anyone drive a car on federal highways. But when it comes to buying a deadly gun it’s a different story. It’s a Constitutional right. And tens of thousands of Americans die each year reflecting that right. And over our history more than a million have perished by the gun.

We ought do much better.

Peter I Berman



Rick March 11, 2018 at 4:35 pm

your spot on Peter


Arrested: Jermaine Scott, 21 of 91 Woodward Avenue Norwalk

Charge: Murder

Bond: $1,000,000

wonder what law would of prevented this gun death?

Doubt if the gun he used was legal, doubt if any law would of made him leave the gun home.

One does have to respect those who want to defend themselves until the country cleans up their act from people like Mr Scott like it or not.

Gun buyback is probably the best start, enforcing the laws all laws would be a close second.

It may sound petty but stopping a car for a broken light or a windshield has always proven to be a good way to stop further crime. What comes out of a stop that seems to work. But is that profiling? Is it overtime?

No death row prisoner was granted clemency during the period in which the death penalty had been reinstated. In 2009, the Connecticut legislature passed a bill to abolish the death penalty, but the bill was vetoed by Governor M. Jodi Rell. In 2012, Connecticut abolished the death penalty for future crimes.

can Ct really curb our gun violence? Who’s rights would they then take away?

Not ours would they?

To clean up the mess Ct started, bringing back the death penalty maybe would of prevented the shootout in Bridgeport this week at a neighborhood store channel 12 has the footage of the gunman. Stopping that footage would of been a crime.

Its the here and now what Ct law right now stops or prevents a death penalty crime?

Where does our public officials stand on the death penalty , right before elections would be a good time to ask , along with cleaning out and closing our jails of those who are in for gun crimes early.

Look at those pictures from local drug busts where guns are found , guns are part of a culture when dealing drugs legal or not Ct voters have a long way to go if they are seeking any help until they clean up their own mess in the statehouse.

U.S. Blues March 11, 2018 at 6:27 pm

Just suppose the laws in place were enforced first, including not using guns as a plea bargaining chip with the district attornies and the judges restrict early releases for crimes committed with a weapon.

Too much to ask for, liberals?

Can’t enforce what is already in place, why weigh down the system with more bargaining chips?

Why don’t we hold the people who FAILED MASSIVELY be held responsible since THEY HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS more than any law abiding gun owner? Yes, the teachers, the social workers, the police, the school administators, the school security, the therapists, and last but not least, the fbi.

@piberman, what guns aren’t designed to kill? Lol!

Ron Morris March 11, 2018 at 7:27 pm

Yes I agree that the Republicans and the NRA have blood on their hands.
It’s pretty clear that gun control works.
26 Gun murders in England vs. 11,004 in US Annually

U.S. Blues March 12, 2018 at 7:07 am

Oh puhleeze Ron Harris, like you shouting “end of story” after childlessly intentionally twisting what was written so to mislead the readers is beyond laughable.

If you can’t comprehend what was written then maybe you need to go back to school.

Ron Morris March 12, 2018 at 8:03 am

U.S. Blues
It seems the you may be the one that is having an issue comprehending as the name is Morris not Harris. Also you are the one that shouted “Why don’t we hold the people who FAILED MASSIVELY be held responsible since THEY HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS”. I simply stated that I agree that the Republicans and the NRA have blood on their hands. Now do you comprehend ?

Rick March 12, 2018 at 10:38 am

It didn’t take long to prove a point

just in,

Norwalk resident facing multiple drug charges after Norwalk PD found him passed out in a car with heroin in his hand.Inside the car they found 45 bags of heroin, over what was a traffic stop he was behind the wheel.

Sounds like one of those voters who skipped last election and could be a mall worker someday soon, You think a 22 year old would know better.

car or gun could be lethal with that much heroin , this kind of suggests society needs stronger laws and not just on guns.

Ct passes out princess passes on drugs yet talks tuff on guns, doesn’t add up.

Isn’t it time to blame all politicians from all three parties?

Rick March 17, 2018 at 4:49 pm

Peter another traffic stop worked

around 1 a.m. Saturday when Norwalk police noticed a vehicle traveling south with no license plates.

They found a gun 1 less on Norwalks streets , so where are the ten new officers in the budget?

Someone should suggest to our mayor more officers mean more arrests something Moccia use to say all the time. Yes less overtime and more coverage may be a good move in fighting guns.

Enforce the laws and maybe you may see a drop in shootings.

Sanctuary cities don’t work that is also on the table as well.

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